Expand and embrace our Universe…

When you identify yourself as a citizen of our universe, which one should, your views become inclusive. Country, city, religion, language, status does not factor anymore in your judgement. There are only fellow human beings in our world and they fall under the range of good to bad with in one’s own yardstick.

Good ones needs to be encouraged and bad ones needs help from the good ones to embrace goodness. This is the only way to make our world better.

Divide and rule strategy is for the leaders who are succumbing to the false temporary pleasures of materialism. Expand and embrace strategy are for the leaders who embrace spiritualism as a way of life and live joyfully.


Proud Indian but not so proud of current India.

India has progressed tremendously since its independence in 1947 as a single entity country. However, if we look at the current situation, it has a long way to go.

Citizens have lost trust in politicians, courts, police, educational institutions, corporates, hospitals, bureaucrats, teachers, religious leaders etc. All of the above are the fundamental drivers of a well governed country. This situation will lead to people to either taking law in their own hands or embracing the wave of negativity around them.

When the citizens in a democracy desire a dramatic change, they do have the people power to make it happen. If they choose to take a easy path of compromise, they will only invite more degradation.

Time for a massive change is around the corner and likely to happen soon for a better future of its citizens.

Meeting people…

The net has increased the facilities to reduce chances of meeting people. It is a convenience and for getting more done in less time. Unfortunately, It also reduces the people to people interactions.

When people meet, theirs energies mingle. The interaction is more than verbal communication. Its a holistic communication. One can not only hear but also feel the communication. The tone of the voice, the emotions in the faces, the adopted posture and many more nuances can be internalised.

Any serious interactive communication should be planned in person. The time and effort taken to make it happen is always worth the outcome.

Managing your mind…

No mind is a state of no thoughts. No thoughts mean no pleasure or no pain. Just a calm state while your body lives. This stage should be used in a way to rest and revive your mind. We wake up and our thought engine takes over. Some thoughts come from within and some are triggered externally. Thoughts from within come from your own experiences till now in your life. Thoughts from external sources can be what your senses observe. Managing your thoughts is a key skill to happiness. Ability to reject or ignore or remove negative thoughts and focus on positive thoughts makes one more balanced and peaceful.

Mind your body…

Your body is the most sophisticated, ever active and self healing vehicle for your life. It just needs good quality air, water and food to survive in its life time. It also follows a cycle of growing , sustaining and disintegration. If you help your body in its cycles, it tends to last longer and stay in good condition. If you stress it during its cycles, it disintegrates faster. Quality and adequate Sleep, physical activity keeps it going well.

Emotions of our mind has an effect on the body also. The more stress you generate in your mind, the more negative your thought process is manifests itself in the cellular level of your body. A healthy and positive mind can assist in even healing your body. People who are generally positive, find joy in little moments, enjoy the present moments tend to be healthier till the body dies.

Principles and Processes in a religion…

Most religion have embedded guiding principles in it to ensure a harmonious society of human beings. Many of these principles across religions are simple good habits, known to all but difficult to practice.

To assist people to follow these principles, processes were born. These can be in the form of dos and donts, rituals, culture etc. These processes were creates at different times and auitable for those times and never updated to suit current environment.

This rigidity of following those sometimes outdated processes has been the source of conflict right thorugh history.

The power leaders of a religion mandate that nothing is changed. The fear of the followers does not allow them to update the processes.

Wish all religions go through a process reengineering continuosly to keep up with times. This will solve many problems the world is facing today.

Wisdom from my Dad’s life…

Be a human first….religion, country, language, education, status are just convinience factors. Love and respect everyone as a fellow human being first.

Be joyful….spread joy, share joy, laugh, smile and be happy in all circumstances.

Practice contentment…being contented is the key to a happy and peaceful life. Live within your means always.

Help the poor and needy….they need it more than rich people. Rich gifting another rich is not help.

Hard work pays…..diligent, honest and sincere work always gives you the best returns.

Live to give…every day is an oppurtunity to help someone. Can be a smile, an advice or anything you have excess of.

Health is wealth…Healthy body nurtures a healthy mind. A health mind leads to spiritual joy.

Introspection for the good…

Many people do not have the courage to accept thier mistakes. This ensures that they do not learn from their mistakes and instead learn to find ways to defend thier mistakes. Some of them do realize thier mistakes but cannot admit it in the open. Some of them try to counter attack with a new topic so that they can hide and distract themselves from thier mistakes. Some people do not have the capability yet to even realize thier mistakes. Some, instead on focusing on thier mistake decide thier actions based on who has told them.

A humble and growing person will analyse thier mistakes when pointed out, identify if they can change something and take action to improve themselves for thier future. This is true in sports, skill buidling, relationships, business or politics. They earn the respect of others when they are able to do so. They get labelled as a strong personality who is willing to improve and not blocked by thier ego to improve. Anyone younger or older, richer or poorer, less educated or more educated than you can be a source of feedback from you to improve. Learning is life long if you are open to it.

Fake information is a slow poison…

The world is reaching a peak in overload of information. Information is being manipulated by many to satisfy their ego needs rather than passing useful truths. Ego is being used for self gratification and truth is becoming less important.

In this wave, anyhing you hear or see is not trustworthy from anyone. When trust is questionable in your mind, no information is useful anymore. One has to create his own filters to uncover the truth.

This is the challenge of the future. How does everyone digest or reject information being thrown at you by anyone,  including near and dear ones.

Its obvious that this confusion is a good environment for people who want to misuse it for thier own benefits and cause harm to people who are vulnerable.

You and your mind is what you have and you have to ensure that it does not get biased by wrongly misused communication. Silent listening and unbiased judgement is far more useful than joining the wrong mode of the corrupted communication wave, which we are witnessing all around us.

Emotions are created by you..

It is quite trasnparent  that all emotions which you experience have originated from yourself. Your choice of reacting to various situations brings out your emotional experiences which include both positive and negative emotions. In a similar situation, different people react differently to it as their reactions has been fine tuned over time, based on their learnings and experiences in thier lives.

When one looks at a situation in an unbiased way, one can come up with a variety of emotions as a reaction to it. It’s quite easy for all to be happy in positive situations but takes a lot of maturity and patience to accept a negative situation and still not feel sad.

Anyone who has reasonable  control on his emotions can leverage it to be calm and peaceful in all situations. This is a greatest skill to have in one’s life and this needs to be nurtured to perfection. Any intense negative emotions has a stress effect on your body, mind and your joyful  spirit of life.

Sense of belonging…

Human beings crave for a sense of belonging. They find it difficult to be independent for their happiness. One creates circles of interdependencies as one goes along in life. Circles may include family, relatives, friends, schoolmates, collegemates, workmates,  neighbourhood, city, state, country, continent, world. The two way interactions with these circles defne thier sense of belonging and so thier happiness. Each of these circles are fiercely protected and sadly by even choosing the wrong ways. These attitude clouds the judgement, creates blind following and creates barriers to have healthy interaction with other people who have created their own non overlapping circles in thier life. Try and define yourself as a citizen of the universe to start with and you will find all living and non living beings become a part of your family to be loved , appreciated and will remain a source of happiness for you. 

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