Beliefs without conviction is harmful…

We are living in a world which has perfected an art of mass mind manipulation. Your mind is yours only and you should take control of what your mind thinks, how it processes information and how it creates beliefs in you.

Most religions, politicians and marketing machines have done enough research to propagate what they want you to believe. They look at your fear profile, hate profile, insecurities profile and all other possible weaknesses the masses show. This becomes thier inputs for thier propaganda and marketing minds to come up with stories laced with lies to start manipulating the minds of the masses.

Beware of such exposures. Do not let your mind be hijacked by any of these tricks and ensure that your mind decides what you think. The day you allow your mind to be in someone’s else control, you have lost the power of being in a balanced state. If anything which you hear or see is based on hate and harm for other living beings cannot be good for you to practice in life.

Financial discipline during crisis…

Its critical that individuals, businesses and countries practice more financial discipline specially during this crisis of pandemic uncertainty. Money saved is money earned in these circumstances. Expenses based on ego and emotions should not be practiced.

Individuals must focus on essential needs only. Food, health, hygiene, shelter, career, upskilling and communications are all essential. Even in these areas, cutting costs without diluting quality should be the mantra to follow.

Companies should focus on its survival and also the protection of its employees and customers. Salary cuts, reducing overheads, embracing work from home, innovative processes, reducing travel costs are measures to conserve cash and help in growing.

Countries should focus on its people, reengineer thier budgets to short term, medium term and long term budgets. Communicate to people on thier health and well being. Assist the businesses to survive and grow. Maintain strong relationships with the rest of the world to nurture future partnerships.

Why do people hate people…

Everyone propogates that love is the only way to peace and prosperity, Yet more and more people have imbibed a culture to hate other people. It is reaching a stage of unconditional hate for others.

Reasons are plenty. Differences in Religion, country, monetory status, education, state, locality, color, looks, caste, propaganda, politics, history, poverty, language, occupation etc are all becoming reasons to hate one another.

Some hate people to boost thier ego, some hate to show their superiority, some hate out of greed and some hate out of jealousy. Some hate to just belong to a group who hate others.

Hate is an energy which may create a temporary feeling of being superior but goes on to create a lot of stress in both the hater and the hated.

You have a choice to hate, ignore, change or love another person. One can help create a world full of love or a world full of hate. Once the hate takes over love in this world, the world will become a very uncomfortable space to live in.

Dad’s silent role

Today is my Dad’s birthday and so many thoughts came over on his role in my life. He passed away from this world 3 yrs ago but his memories linger on every day.

Mom and Dad are a team which nurtures thier children in different ways. Typically, a Mom focuses on instilling all the soft attitudes and a Dad infuses the hard attitudes in thier children. Both are needed in the right balance to grow with happiness in one’s life.

When a child is born, it inherits the genetic blueprint from all the past ancestors both in terms of physical traits and also mental traits. After that, the child is nurtured by his parents till he reaches adulthood. Mom showers unconditional wisdom, love and affection and Dad conditions the child to become strong and independent to face the ups and downs of the life ahead.

My Dad always drilled in me the basic positive human values throughout my growing up years. Emphasis was always on honesty, hardwork, humbleness, being helpful to others and enjoying all moments of life as it comes.

He had unsolicited advices for me even till he passed away in 2017. Many of his advices were looking very conservative at that time but deep down had a lot of experiential wisdom to ensure I have a happy life. Such was his unwavering focus. I am extremely grateful for him always and thank him for all what he has done for me silently.

Artificial Intelligence in nature…

A seed when placed in a conducive earth starts to germinate, grow and become a plant. Flowers, vegetables and fruits complete its cycle of life.

One can observe the high intelligence a plant possesses. It extracts what it needs from the 5 elements of nature. Can create all possible tastes in its fruits and vegetables. Uses water, fire from sun, gases from air, energy from space and elements from earth to survive and grow. It creeps, or structures itself to stand on it’s own. It creates more seeds in its fruits to nurture the next generation of plants.

One wonders if all this intelligence it displays is stored in the seed or it receives the intelligence as it grows in stages. The former looks more logical if there can be a very large amount of intelligence which can be stored in very small spaces.

Intelligence may have been preprogrammed in these seeds for it to live a life and also transfer it to other seeds it creates. Observe and understand these wonders and mysteries around us as it will create a sense of connections to the world around us.

People driven democracy….

India needs to move from a leadership driven democracy to people driven democracy. People define their needs continuously and the political leader’s role is to implement them.

Today, people have total authority to elect thier political leaders for the next 5 years. Then, they become a passive witness to what the elected leaders do for the next 5 years. This needs to change to a situation where people continue to be proactive during those 5 years.

Every political leader in an area should be driven by a area representative team. This team will analyze the needs of that community they are in and set targets for the local political leader to achieve.

There will be central and international needs which should be driven by the leaders themselves.

They will collaborate, monitor and communicate with the leaders and people in thier area. The local political leader will communicate the local needs to his higher political leader and so on and this will enable the central political leaders to drive policies and allocate funds for these needs.

When this works, the leaders will be working for the people and not for themselves and will usher in a new working model for our democracy.

Physical, mental and spiritual well being…

Most people focus on our bodies to maintain thier health. It is proven that the bodily health is not enough. The status of mind affects our health too and the unknown spirit also affects our mind and body.

The body should be maintained always.e Healthy food, flexing your joints and muscles, good quality sleep also helps the body to keep going. As you age, these 3 become more important to maintain and extra efforts is required. Body will deteriote with age and needs extra efforts on your side to keep status quo.

The mind is a unseen part of you. We experience our mind through its accumulated memories, emotions and intelligence. Memories are based on what you have gathered through your senses from birth. Emotions are feelings which you associate with your memories and this is done by your intelligence. The balancing of emotions is critical and needs to be maintained by your intelligence. Most emotions have a physiological effect on your body in either positive and negative ways. Keeping your emotions in the right balance will help your body in a positive way. Your intellect when in the mode of goodness tends to take the right decisions and responses on any information which are exposed through your senses.

The spiritual part of your body is unseen and many times unknown. This is your identity and which witnesses your mind and body. When you witness your mind and body through this lens, then you gain an ability to know right and wrong and make corrections as you go along in life. Meditation is a tool to transcend your body and mind and become a witness. This state is one where your mind becomes still and so has no possible negative effect on your body and thereby allows the body’s self healing energies to operate without any interference.

Harmless lies and useful truth..

People lie for a reason. Sometimes it is to boost their ego, sometimes it is spread a message they believe in, sometimes it is a show off to prove they are knowledgable. And sometimes they lie deliberately for the larger good.

Businesses and countries also lie for the same reason. After all they are driven by people.

Lie can be harmless and useful sometimes. Lieing to a child for protecting him or her from danger is for a good cause. Lieing to your old parents to ensure they take thier medicines is also a common mode of goodness.

A truth can also be dangerous in certain circumstances. It can be withheld for a larger good.

Hence harmless lies and useful truth are fine. However a harmful lie and a devastating truth can be avoided.

Respond with Love…

When we hear the emotion of hate all around us and also see the actions of hate around us, we have a choice to accelerate it or soften it.

Somtimes, Media or People develop a hatred towards something or someone and they tend to share it with you. They also do expect you to also hate along with them. This is a dilemma many face in today’s world. if you agree with them, you made them happy and if you do not agree, then you are choosing to not spread hate in the society.

Accelerating hate will only create more hate in the society. Hatred creates anger and anger is a very strong uncontrolable emotion which can turn a human into a inhuman character.

If one responds with love and softens the hate, the chances of hatred spreading will stop. Learn to divert hate and respond with love for a more happy society.

All people are same but different…

People are similar only in the physical sense. They all have similar organs to maintain the body. They all have blood which have the same characteristics. All are made of the same primary elements which are air, water, fire, earth and space.

People are different on how they think. The memories they carry which has been accumulated since their birth are different and so they think differently

Mass communication adds to thier memories and so tends to create thoughts of similar nature.

The intellects of the people differ and so they have different attitudes even though they may have similar memories. This process can be misused by marketers, politicians and even religious leaders to manipulate the thoughts of many people.

One should be aware of this potential threat to one’s intellect. Every decision or ttitude of yours should be from within your intellectual analysis. Never assume that truth is always based on majority. Truth to you is what you derive based on your memories and intellect even if it is opposite to what the masses seem to accept.

State of your mind…

One’s state of mind is a combination of all the perceptions gathered from his past experiences and the perception of the current environment. Both of these are out of one,s control.

Beyond the two, there is a third factor which drives the person’s state of the mind. This is the way the person wishes to be in future despite what information he has gathered.

Information from past and current environment can be utilized to create any emotion you want. With the same information, one can create joyful or anxious state of mind. One can create anger or peace. One can create hope or despair. One can be grateful or egoistic. One can be positive of negative.

This choice you have is totally yours.

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