India is young and growing….

3000 years ago, one of the richest and most evolved civilizations in a region had developed which we now call as a country called India. About 400 years ago is when each of the many kingdoms of this region were captured and controlled by invaders till about 1947.  63 years ago, which is less than an average lifespan is when India as a country was born. With an old hierarchical history, India bravely embraced socialist democracy which is quite opposite to the caste system in that it  equates each one of its citizen as one respected entity. What is happening since independence till now is a merger between the old caste system and the equal respect for all democracy. This means that the citizens have to accept and live with some compromises in their religion or in democracy for the overall good of its citizens.


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  1. Jay
    Feb 08, 2011 @ 06:34:56

    Yes CK, India is “young and growing” – you can add one more word – India is also “learning”! I call it a “Working, Inventive and Learning Democracy (WILD for short, pun intended!)”. Doomsday pundits predicted that with a high birth rate, India was doomed. Today, economists now tell us that with the demographics of a young India having a median age of 23 years, population is an asset!

    Through a seemingly chaotic democratic process, we have worked past the caste system to create an inclusive India. Two years ago I was told that the IITs and IIMs with 51% reservation would fall apart. Last month, one of the senior Professors told me that they have done a remarkable job of transition, leading to an “inclusive growth model”. That is music to the ears!

    India continues to be an enigma to foreigners. But as every election has taught us, we are an “aware and awakened” people. It has an amazing entrepreneurial culture. We still enjoy a free press. As my American friend says, “China is way ahead of India, but if I had a choice of living between India and China, I would pick India any day!”.



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