Corruption is a disease of the mind…

Unfortunately, Corruption has become a way of life for many in India across all sections of the society. India ranks a low  78th in the world. Either you start corrupting or you support it to find an easy way out. If people are happy to be honest, happy to be content, happy to feel rich in life without money beyond their needs, there is no need to be corrupt. It is an addictive disease where the mind finds ways to justify itself that it is ok as most people do it, it is ok because the taxes are high,  it is ok as the laws are not sensible and it is ok as you are only makin a living and helping your family etc. Uncontrolled ego, acute selfishness, valuing people only by money, inability to abide by laws, uncaring attitude towards other fellow humans affected by corruption are the symptoms of this disease.  This is one disease which the country has to eradicate by cleansing the minds of its people else there will be desperation all around.


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  1. Balbir Singh Sethi
    Jan 29, 2011 @ 09:47:16

    Very true; and to get the youth motivated as a first step to eradicate corruption, is get them to understand human values and respect the environment and Nature.
    I believe that its because of our silence, more seeds of corruption get sown and then sprout.
    This country needs a revolution, perhaps, another messiah like Mahatma Gandhi to show the way.
    The greed to amass wealth at any cost is the bane of our society. Regretably, this disease is spreading and polluting the minds of our youth.
    If they want their future generations to live happily, they must fight the battle now.
    Tomorrow maybe too late!


  2. Ramesh Yalakkishettar
    Jan 29, 2011 @ 13:14:21

    That’s true. This decease resides in weaker minds where there is lack of self-esteem, ignorance, absence of responsibility, and identity crisis. Can we face and fight it when we see it? I realize it is a complicated issue, most of us encounter it but would it be better if we go with the perception that those involved are victims of the decease? Is there a way that weakness can be pointed out? Is it possible to make that person aware of the decease he/she is carrying before it turns into terminal cancer?
    On the other hand how can we boost self-esteem in our society, replace ignorance with true human values in the community, develop sense of responsibility, help identify each role’s respective duty?
    The revolution must begin in our homes, social community media and educational institutes and so on.


  3. Jay
    Feb 08, 2011 @ 06:51:40

    Thanks to a vigilant press and a self-correcting democracy, we do not have a “runaway corruption” situation in India. In India, you cannot be corrupt for a long time – sooner, than later, you are caught. See how the Bofors ghost continues to this day! The 2G scam is another example. The “life” of a corrupt process is continuously decreasing.

    In some countries, where there is no freedom of speech, you will never ever know about corruption. At least in this aspect, India scores.

    The Right to Information Act is another powerful instrument that will bring down corruption levels. One has already seen the impact it has created.

    Yet, as enlightened citizens, we cannot rest till we do something about corruption. The new wealth that the Indian economy is creating is tempting the greedy. We need to work through a long and arduous process to reduce corruption. I think we need to start on a 20-year plan, a plan that has to start with high school, be continued in college and reinforced through mass media. We may not “get” another Gandhi to flush out corruption. But we can possibly use the power of Bollywood to get this message across to more people!



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