Laugh your anger away..

Anger has an effect on your pulses, blood pressure and nervous system. Further, what you say during your anger can be very hurting to others and what you do can be quite involuntary and dangerous. When you get angry, think for a moment on why it is happening. Invariably, it will because of someone else’s ignorance or stupidity or something which is in no one’s control and not your doing. You are punishing yourself unnessarily for this and getting effected. When you realise this, you can easily laugh your anger away. Any calm mind has an ability to find sensible solutions.

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  1. Jay
    Feb 08, 2011 @ 07:37:16

    It was one of those accidental bump-ins, when I met with John McEnroe in an airport. John was so soft that I could not believe it! I struck up a conversation with him and we talked about his anger. John had this to say: “Every time I played short of perfection, I would build up nervous energy by getting angry with myself. Occasionally, the anger would get channelized to the ball-boy or the umpire. But in most cases, I worked up an anger with myself. It helped me to raise my game!”.

    That is the only time I had to agree about a positive aspect about anger. Otherwise, I go with CeeKay. Throughout my association with CeeKay, I have never ever seen him get angry!

    There was one occasion when CeeKay and I were in a car and the driver hit somebody on a two-wheeler who actually came into our path. A mob collected around us. It was actually quite a terrifying experience. But CeeKay was in complete control of the situation. He showed concern for the person who was hit, took him to the nearby hospital, made sure he got the best treatment and at the end of it, laughed it off. It was an education for me!



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