Salute the Micro entrepreneurs..

100’s of Millions of Indians who are not educated and poor from the unorganized sector in India and have taken entrepreneurship or contracting as a way to survive in their life. They live for a day, borrow from money lenders at high interest, brave the cops and thugs who come demanding money, find their customers, sell their goods or services, make a profit and live the day for their family. A daily positive business cycle keeps them going. These include veg vendors, ironing service, cobbler service, newspaper vending, food vendors, toy vendors etc etc. Without their indomitable spirit, Indians at large will have large numbers of petty criminals. No one really respects them, no media cares of them, no politician fights for them though they choose and try so hard to make a living in an honest way. They are entrepreneurs in their own right driving the country but also get treated like an unwanted orphan in their country. It is the educated and rich who have to take responsibility to improve their quality of life and bring them into the organized sector of our country where they also feel proud to be part of our Indian economy.

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  1. keerthikasingaravel
    Feb 27, 2011 @ 15:23:18

    Yes micro- entrepreneurs are interesting.The more I learn about their businesses the more I’m amazed at how good some of these businesses are.There is actually a lot of structure and organization here.Many street vendors are often working for a bigger vendor who has often just worked himself up from their level.There is an informal system of credit where banks won’t lend.There are informal training schemes for newbies etc.etc. and least anyone thinks that street vending is a hand to mouth existence, the sort to money which flows here beggars many fancy looking businesses in the nicer parts of town.



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