How much is enough…

Contentment is a fail safe way for peace of mind. Most people create problems for themselves unknowingly as they pursue relentlessly for more than what they really need to be happy and peaceful. The question of how much is enough has to be answered within oneself. Comparing with others for no reason, voracious greed, simple jealousy and high ego leads to high levels of being discontent. There is no upper or lower limits to contentment but it is what your mind believes is enough. Defining priorities in life, simplicity, joy of giving, sharing, following the rules, honesty, responsibility  and enjoying the simple moments in life makes a person content and happy.

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  1. sugato
    Jul 21, 2011 @ 09:09:40

    Very nice.

    Been following the “Managing oneself” sequence on HBR blog – it resonates very well. (



  2. Roshni
    Jul 21, 2011 @ 09:42:27

    Tried googling but could not find the source of this quote ‘He who knows what “enough” is , has “enough” ‘
    Once basic necessities are met, happiness comes from internal sources. Hence the concept of synthesizing happiness…a quadriplegic saying his disease was a blessing as it gave him more time with his family, The wrongly imprisoned then exonerated person who says his prison term helped him focus on mastering a skill; the cheated-on spouse who said the experience taught him forgiveness- are all examples of people “making their own happiness out of bad circumstances” Learning to synthesize happiness is itself a skill… but I suspect that would be the subject of a separate post!



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