Absence of Logic is a mystery….

Anyone who believes in logic has to also cope with situations/decisions which have an absence of logic. Instinct, Gut feeling, spontaneous decisions, following your heart are all examples of the same. It also means that this phenomenon is only a mystery till it is discovered. Faith is also a situation which looks like an absence of logic and the challenge is to find out the logic behind faith. Past life and future life is taken for granted more out of faith than logic. But  logic cannot explain a 4 yr old retains the memory of a dead 50 yr old. Logic and Faith are two very strong tools for happiness and it depends of which  suits you and want to accept.


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  1. jyothi
    Oct 14, 2011 @ 08:56:31

    We cannot look for logic all the time. There is a mystery surrounding us all the time. Our birth is a mystery. When we are able to solve the mystery twice, the method becomes faith. Then when something goes wrong we try to bring in logic. Absence of logic is bliss, as long as it is advantageous to us. When it does not suit us, we attribute it to external factors. Then the intervention of astrologers, rituals, etc, etc comes into picture. Accept and enjoy life the way it is. It is a wonderful experience, from the time of birth. We go through different stages, death of one stage gives rise to the birth of the next. It can be better or worse, accept it and try to turn it to your advantage. There is no use blaming anyone, including yourself. Yes Faith combined with logic can make a lot of difference in once’s life and can bring lot of happiness…CHEERS!!



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