Reasonable rituals..

Most cultures and religions have many rituals which generations have been following without questioning it. Rituals become symbolic of a concept or a belief. People with blind faith continue to follow it happily as they have a comfort that it is good for them and good for the world around them even if they do not know what it means. People with logic are a little unhappy with these as they need a reason to follow. In the indian context, Camphor burns and removes the negative ions in its surrounding and so used at temples and at all prayers. Tulsi is one of the best remover of germs in your stomach and so converted to a religious practice to have some every day. Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and is used in food and on the skin as a custom. Wish all of these are clearly explained for everyone to accept these rituals easily.


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  1. jyothi
    Oct 14, 2011 @ 08:45:24

    All human beings do not have the same level of understanding logic. So in olden days, Maybe the learned thought the best way to make people do these good things was only to bring in a fear. Fear makes people do things without questioning. Our vedas and rituals are oceans. We need a lifetime to understand one particular type of ritual. So better follow what u find logical.

    The disadvantage is that each and every one wants to show their supremacy and command over things. They bring in their views and distort the actual meaning. For instance, the visit to Sabarimala. The black clothes were worn just to hide oneself from the wild animals in the night. The beard and hair was to ward of cold. The control on diet was an exercise in discipline. In all religiona, be it Hindu, Muslim, Chritianity, there is pattern of following a controlled periodg for 45 days. Ramzan, Lent, etc. This is only because, if one is able to follow a routine for more than two mandalas, most of the bad habits can be given up. NOW THE ENTIRE THING IS BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION.



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