Dealing with an advice…

There are many interactions with people where there may be an advice communicated to you. It may be based on your question or just an observation or an unsolicited one. It may come from someone younger or older or wiser or someone you feel is stupid and worthless. How does one react to this advice is an art and key to your improvement. Firstly one should focus on the essence of the advice than the person who has uttered it. Secondly, if the advice seems good for you, absorb it and try to implement it. Thirdly, if its an advice which you practice anyway, feel happy that you have reinforced what you practice. Lastly, if it is a wrong advice from your point of view, ignore it and  slowly try to bring your point of view without putting the other person down.

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  1. ckare
    May 09, 2015 @ 14:46:36

    Nice one Chandra.



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