A routine allows focus…

Most people tend to get bored with routine. We need changes and new excitement to go through our lives. We struggle to break routines and create more and more clutter in a way to experience new sources of happiness. Nature around us seems quite comfortable with a routine. Water in a river just flows. Waves of oceans keep coming back and forth. The sun and moon just about go about their daily routines to its schedule. Seasons change routinely. Plants and animals have a very natural routine. Fortunately, all their routine behaviours keep us alive. There seems to be a peace and giving feeling around routines. The mind is calmer with routines and the body is less disturbed during routines. It’s time for humans to enjoy the  peace and happiness around routines than be stressed on constantly getting bored and struggling to break routines. However, adapt to change when it happens naturally and even start a new routine but do not get stressed on an existing peaceful  routine.


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