Mentoring is an art…

Everyone plays a role of a mentor for someone else at various stages in a life. You may be in a situation of a brother, sister, mother, father, manager, leader, friend or any other role which life throws at you. A relationship between a mentor and a mentee works well when it is based on trust, respect and openness. Sometimes the same two people may exchange roles in a different situation. An effective mentor cares and enjoys his success when the mentee succeeds, not because of him but because the mentee has internalised and become independent of the mentor. A Parent moves from a controller to an advisor and then to a mentor for his children. At the same time, a child moves from being a dependent to an independent citizen of this world. The same parent also tends to become a mentee later in life when his children grow up and are independent themselves to play a role of a mentor. One should understand and practice  the traits of an effective mentor and mentee to move through life smoothly.


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