Emotions are created by you..

It is quite trasnparent  that all emotions which you experience have originated from yourself. Your choice of reacting to various situations brings out your emotional experiences which include both positive and negative emotions. In a similar situation, different people react differently to it as their reactions has been fine tuned over time, based on their learnings and experiences in thier lives.

When one looks at a situation in an unbiased way, one can come up with a variety of emotions as a reaction to it. It’s quite easy for all to be happy in positive situations but takes a lot of maturity and patience to accept a negative situation and still not feel sad.

Anyone who has reasonable  control on his emotions can leverage it to be calm and peaceful in all situations. This is a greatest skill to have in one’s life and this needs to be nurtured to perfection. Any intense negative emotions has a stress effect on your body, mind and your joyful  spirit of life.


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