Introspection for the good…

Many people do not have the courage to accept thier mistakes. This ensures that they do not learn from their mistakes and instead learn to find ways to defend thier mistakes. Some of them do realize thier mistakes but cannot admit it in the open. Some of them try to counter attack with a new topic so that they can hide and distract themselves from thier mistakes. Some people do not have the capability yet to even realize thier mistakes. Some, instead on focusing on thier mistake decide thier actions based on who has told them.

A humble and growing person will analyse thier mistakes when pointed out, identify if they can change something and take action to improve themselves for thier future. This is true in sports, skill buidling, relationships, business or politics. They earn the respect of others when they are able to do so. They get labelled as a strong personality who is willing to improve and not blocked by thier ego to improve. Anyone younger or older, richer or poorer, less educated or more educated than you can be a source of feedback from you to improve. Learning is life long if you are open to it.


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