Principles and Processes in a religion…

Most religion have embedded guiding principles in it to ensure a harmonious society of human beings. Many of these principles across religions are simple good habits, known to all but difficult to practice.

To assist people to follow these principles, processes were born. These can be in the form of dos and donts, rituals, culture etc. These processes were creates at different times and auitable for those times and never updated to suit current environment.

This rigidity of following those sometimes outdated processes has been the source of conflict right thorugh history.

The power leaders of a religion mandate that nothing is changed. The fear of the followers does not allow them to update the processes.

Wish all religions go through a process reengineering continuosly to keep up with times. This will solve many problems the world is facing today.

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  1. varagur
    Oct 16, 2017 @ 18:11:42 thought. I could not agree more.



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