Meeting people…

The net has increased the facilities to reduce chances of meeting people. It is a convenience and for getting more done in less time. Unfortunately, It also reduces the people to people interactions.

When people meet, theirs energies mingle. The interaction is more than verbal communication. Its a holistic communication. One can not only hear but also feel the communication. The tone of the voice, the emotions in the faces, the adopted posture and many more nuances can be internalised.

Any serious interactive communication should be planned in person. The time and effort taken to make it happen is always worth the outcome.


Managing your mind…

No mind is a state of no thoughts. No thoughts mean no pleasure or no pain. Just a calm state while your body lives. This stage should be used in a way to rest and revive your mind. We wake up and our thought engine takes over. Some thoughts come from within and some are triggered externally. Thoughts from within come from your own experiences till now in your life. Thoughts from external sources can be what your senses observe. Managing your thoughts is a key skill to happiness. Ability to reject or ignore or remove negative thoughts and focus on positive thoughts makes one more balanced and peaceful.


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