Politics is a noble profession ..

A good politician is one who happily shares his knowledge and skills for the upliftment of the masses in his country. Every citizen is equal in the mind of a good politician. His decisions are made based on ensuring that every person in the country moves up in education, health, jobs and quality of life.

As a profession, it is very noble as it impacts a huge number of people in a country compared to any other profession. A good politician has a large heart and immense unconditional love and respect for its citizens just like a parent has for his children. He is knowledgable, mature, happy and self sufficient. His only measure of sucess is the number of people’s lives he has made a positive impact during his tenure.

The challenge and duty of the citizens is to get good politicians to manage the country. They need to nurture, choose, motivate and encourage the right people to join politics and lead the country.

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