Life limited by time…

We all know time is a precious resource we have during one’s life. The way we use our time decides the way we live our life. Our choice is normally to be happy.

Most people use their time to find new ways to be happy and ignore all the reasons why they should be happy in the first place. They sacrifice a lot of thier time to reach what they believe will make them happy. They accept pain during this journey as a necessity during this journey.

One forgets that every moment of time is an opportunity to be joyful. When we accept life flows through us and we without set expectations can be joyful. This acceptance is not easy and takes a lot of mental awareness to flow through life smoothly.

Pleasurable moments are easy to accept and when painful moments creep in, we tend to get stuck with it. One needs to reduce the time we delve on painful moments to increase the moments of happiness in our lives.

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