Try to be what you like about others….

One meets people all through your life and tends to create a self biased image of the people you like.

Generally, one tends to like people who are healthy, honest, hardworking, humble, humane, compassionate, exudes positive energy, balanced in views, flexible, helpful to others, well dressed with a pleasant attitude and behaviour etc

If one has to be liked by others, one should also measure his own self by the same set of traits. This ability most people are unable to do truthfully or one blindly mark oneself as high in all the above traits.

No one is perfect and some of these traits may be weak in some but if the average is high enough, one happily compromises to start liking the person.

One should introspect to find where all one is weak and try and improve on it, if one’s goal is to be liked by many. Being liked by many gives you also an opportunity to like yourself the most which is the primary key to your own happiness.

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