When in isolation….

The world is using isolation as a solution to control the spread of corona virus. While we are isolated, nature has a free hand in healing itself without any interference from humans.

This is a time for introspection and for aligning ourselves with nature. It’s time to get along and support nature. It is a time for inner transformation at the individual level and as a collective human race.

We have to stop many past priorities and start living life with new priorities. Some key thoughts are given below.

Build a close relationship with nature and fall in love with it. This way you will protect it and live with and around nature.

Live a simple life which enables you to survive in unknown and uncertain environments. Practice a happy and minimal living.

Practice good social behaviour. Rumour mongering, sharing your speculation, spreading unconfirmed information all leads to more hatred in a society.

Learn to enjoy life without money. Discover the ways to do this. Happiness is a state of mind and does not need money.

When you earn money, save for the unknown future. Enjoy saving money rather than spending it unnecessarily on temporary pleasures.

Practice being alone. Learn to be silent and without thoughts. This will help you to be calm and courageous in all situations. circumstances.

Invest continuously in your health. Precautions should become a life style and not a forced and unhappy activity in your life.

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