Clutter and clarity…

One gets into situations where there is so much clutter that the clarity of your thoughts remains shrouded. Quickly ignoring the noises in your thoughts leads to a few relevant ones. These become the basis of going forward. One must be hardnosed about the purpose and direction which then helps to clarify your thoughts and directs you to move in the right path. This ability needs to be honed continuosly to avoid getting into indecisiveness.

Vision drives actions…

One starts everything with a vision. The vision could be for self, a group of people or for the larger good of society. The intensity of your vision will drive the intensity of work you put into it. The Faith you have on your vision will assist you through unknown situations you may encounter. The known situations will help you focus your work and efforts into it. This combination of faith and action will start leading you to make your vision a reality. Life is a series of visions at various points in time, but faith and efforts are effective tools to realise your vision.

Learning as a habit…

One of the traits of successful people is their habit of learning life long. Leaning continuously helps you un learn past prejudices and leads you to closer to reality on a subject. As one knows only what wants to know, it creates a barrier for further learning. One can learn from thinking out of the box, questioning your own past learning’s, and also from anyone and everyone around you. One can even learn from people you don’t seem to vibe with. A good learner sheds his ego, starts with an innocent mind and proceeds to analyse then consolidate what he has experienced. Active Learning is a worthwhile habit for all to lead a happy life.

Proactive actions drives sucess…

A person starts as a worker after acquiring knowledge, building his skills and utilising them for a productive purpose in a positive manner. He then  becomes adept in problem solving and crisis management with time and  experience. Later he gains the ability to help others learn and becomes a mentor for many and learns to be a leader. A leader then in his own growth path starts to focus on long term strategies and planning. Being proactive is a key management skill which he is also learning along this journey. Being proactive becomes the most important trait  when one anticipates problems well in advance and finds way to avoid it even before it happens. This trait helps a person create a smooth path for growth and success.

Initiative as a Leadership trait…

Any person with a natural energy to take initiative in any situation is likely to be an effective leader. There are people who enjoy leading and people who enjoy following. Both are needed to make a valuable team. People who learn to follow well are likely to be also good leaders. A Person who wants to lead but does not have happy followers to bound to fail. Initiative is an inner drive to take control of a situation even without anyone asking for it. It is an energy from one self which takes responsibility of a situation and finds ways to contribute positively. Most people have ideas but do not embark into action, Some take initiatives and then generate ideas to convert them into positive actions.

Earning and Growing Goodwill….

Most organizations become valuable from the goodwill generated in the hearts of its stakeholders. This develops into a long-lasting emotional value created in an organization. Goodwill starts within it through its internal people who are attached to it. The trust of its people and shareholders and closeness to its vision, values is a starting point. This then transmits positive emotions to its external set of stakeholders. Customers, vendors and the public at large are watching and creating an emotional connect with the organizations at every step. These have a major impact on the overall value of the organization. It is but virtual, not easily measurable and a non financial value but has the power to convert the organization to a high values financial one. Goodwill includes trust, love, affection, a sense of belonging, unconditional encouragement etc etc.

Commitment to a task..

People work with people. Tasks are either share with people or given to them. when a task is owned by a person, a commitment to complete the task is undertaken. Everyone else now trust and rely on this person to complete this task in a high quality, low-cost and effective manner. This commitment is the driver of this task owner to take it up. If that person is able to do it, it may be normally acknowledged and appreciated by others or just taken for granted. If the person needs help, its his duty to ask for it. If the person concludes that  he cant do it, it becomes his duty to quickly give it back so that the task is reallocated. What is not acceptable is when the task is not done or completed shoddily but a lot of time and thought has gone to come up with a set of reasons to justify the failure of completion. If every member in a team is task oriented and driven, then the team will always succeed.

People love to work with People they like…

In any organization,it the positive interactions between people is what  brings continuous success to it. It is this collective energy which drives the organization towards a positive direction. People are always analysing and choosing people whom they feel comfortable to work with and it is also true people leave some people to find new people to work with. One of the key objectives of an HR department is to create an ecosystem of lasting bond among its people. Corporate values one can relate to, a Vision where all want to be part of, a fun-loving set of colleagues, a manager who enhances his people’s knowledge and skills, a set of customers who are delighted, a set of vendors who love to serve the organization are all part of this bonding which is created.

Business is doing well…

What happens to businesses which are doing well ? How does a CEO react to such situation. While it is a pleasure to be in that situation, it is also time to act fast on maintaining and growing it. The risks are many  at this time and it can start to go down without much effort. It is critical to analyse the possible risks and start mitigating it. It is also important to find harmless ways of cutting down costs, make some hard decisions which will help the organization when there is a slow down. It is time to build resilience in the organization. It is time to study and learn from the competition and try to be more focussed on customers by creating more differentiators. Customers are always looking to get more effective vendors and unless the organization continuously improves on its services, it cannot continue keep them.

People multiply energies..

When a group of people agree on a common cause, relate to it as their own, the overall energy in the group multiplies itself exponentially. The key is to identify the emotional attachment to a larger good. This drives the thoughts and actions of people with a lot of pleasure laced in it. Every organization has to have a social cause. It tries to do business with an intention of doing good to the society. It may compete hard, maintain high-efficiency, improve on its productivity continuously but at the heart of all this is a cause which brings emotional satisfaction to all its people in and outside the organization. Each company needs to identify this and spread it.

Productivity should drive down cost….

One of the kep factors for an organization to be growing, stable and competitive is its ability to continuously improve productivity. Productivity improvement means that it reduced time to produce, reduces costs of production and increase in quality. Cost reduction is always in our hand and need to be used as a focus to drive your productivity. This will certainly make your product/service more competitive. Companies who are able to do this better than you will certainly reach market leadership status. Sales staff looks at higher speed of growth and more market share. Technical staff looks at production improvement at lower costs without comprising quality. Both are driving sustainability in their own way.

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