Joyfulness is a practice…

What we think we become. What we repeatedly do becomes a habit. You then get defined as a accumulated set of habits and live within that framework effortlessly. Most wise people advise you to be joyful. It is to be practiced till it becomes a habit and part of your personality. Like any habit, its not easy to perfect it but definitely worth the effort. Joyfullness is not lack of sorrow or dissapointments or negative emotions but its an attitude on how you choose to relate to it. One needs to accept what happens outside you is supposed to happen the way it happens. What happens inside you is what you have created. All emotions of yours is generated by you. You have to enhance which makes you more joyful than others.


Railway lines to act as water pipelines.

As I saw the water scarcity issues around the country, I felt that our vast railway lines can also double as a water pipeline across the country. This can help move water from anywhere to anywhere in our country. Most of it could be based on gravity flow and some places may need a force to flow water to higher planes. Motors along the lines either powered by solar or by energy used by moving trains can be used for these purposes. This can lead to reduced costs of lines as they become multi purpose and will also create a sharing network across our. country. The lines can be embedded  with hollow water pipes during manufacturing and the last mile to villages can be through transportation from its nearest railway station.

Hatred can make you blind…

Love and hate are two sides of an emotion and both are equally powerful. Everyone knows hate has negative vibes and can only cause emotional damage to yourself. You hate something or someone and you feel bad. Sometimes hating becomes a habit and an addictive one. One goes blind in hate when one starts to derive pleasure out of it. Few hate others to feel they are superior and few hate to insult others. This false feeling builds on and it becomes an addictive habit. It’s quite easy to continue hating for one reason or the other. This leads to a state where one’s judgement gets clouded and hate continues to thrive. One should try and convert hate to love or forgiveness to feel at peace and also spread peace around us. One can look deeply and always find something positive to build on and not get biased only on the negatives.


Good times and bad times…

Everyone goes through good times and bad times in one’s life. The overall happiness is based on one’s ability to increase the good times and also how one’s maturity to handle the bad times. Firstly, one needs to have a graceful acceptance of situations which happen and which are really not in one’s control. Secondly, one should   neither get too excited about good times not get too depressed about bad times. Thirdly, just let it pass and experience it as it comes. If one can go through bad times happily then you have conquered your ability to be happy at all times.


Thoughts become energies…

Thoughts, one has turn into energies which encircle and drive you towards the same thoughts. This is true for both positive and negative thoughts. This is also true for collective thoughts of a family, a team, an organization, a country or even the whole human race. It is important to be as positive as possible in your thoughts. When you keep telling a child that he is a very shy person, he becomes an introvert unconsciously. If you tell him that he is slowly becoming a confident person, he moves in that direction. One cannot avoid negative thoughts but one use them to delve on them for a short while and find the positives in it for your future.


Thoughts to action – by Bobby Menon

Everything happens twice in Life, Once when you think about it and Once when you do it.  So if you’re disappointed about something not having happened, think a Little deeply. It just may occur to you that you didn’t think of it. Everything happens only if you’ve thought about it. Be that Love, Mind blowing relationship, or for that matter Corporate Results, Gold Medallist Achiever, or even that that fancy car, a beautiful home, a dream holiday. You name it, unless you’ve thought it, it won’t happen.


Being with yourself…

There are moments in our lives where we are with ourselves. We think about ourselves, we talk to our inner self and we even hear our own thoughts. Our body, mind and soul are communicating to each other without any external disturbances. This is a wonderful way to introspect on what you are and how you can improve yourself. You need to be honest and unbiased about yourself to generate positive outcomes out of this internal conversations. It is a good habit to inculcate this in your wake up time to remain in balance.


Good vs Bad …

Everyone has been given an opportunity to use one’s emotions the way one wants to. One can be an angry person and/or also a calm person and also a combination in between. Each one of us choose a position in this range under different circumstances. This is true with any emotion. Be it love vs hate, being greedy vs being charitable, being hyperactive vs being lazy, etc etc A person who remains in the middle is un fazed by either extremes. A person who remains in one end of this range can only create more stress in one’s life. One has to choose a way which makes one happy and also makes people around happy.


Faith as a catalyst…

Beyond all the logic and reasoning, faith has the final say. Most decisions taken are calculated risks and a compromise on another decision. At this stage, faith of a person hones him or her towards a path. Faith has enough logic that it makes your mind take a call. Logic makes you analyse a situation carefully and arrive at possible answers. Once you have many options, faith becomes the tool to hone into your final choice. The balance of faith and logic in a decision varies from situation to situation. The ability to balance these two powers judiciously in your mind gives us a high possibility of success and that’s the skill one has to develop continuously.


Harmless Communication can also be harmful…

When there is a pain/confusion created due to a communication to one of the parties, mostly it is because one person mentions something with no intended harm and the other takes it as a devious assault. One has to be very careful while communicating. It should not hurt anyone around even unintentionally. The timing of the communication and judging how others take it is also critical to make it harmless. It is also important for the receiver to carefully analyse what is communicated and not get hurt. Even harsh words can be ignored, brushed away or taken in a positive manner. Both the communicator and receiver is responsible to ensure that there is no pain.


Letting Go…

One of the emotionally challenges for Mothers and Fathers is to let go of their close monitoring and deep attachment of their children as they grow slowly into young adults. The children  in their late teens are also challenged to let go of their dependency of their parents as they looking for a way of being accepted as an adult in the society. This primarily means they are looking at taking their own decisions, do not want obvious advice, do not expect any forced thinking from their parents. This leads to a kind of emotional blackmail kind from both sides which can be disturbing. It is critical that parents move from a protector role to a discussion partner role and the children move from a dependent role to an independent role for both to move on in life.


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