You are what you are to be…

When one is born, you have already been programmed over thousands of years through your genes. Your physical structure, mental abilities and spiritual outlook is already embedded in you. However, using this foundation, you add your experiences, your learning from this present life and add more updates to what is already a programmed You. This is why one cannot blame others for their flaws but can only try to help them move it away from them. All are good human beings. It’s either their skewed genetic history and the bad experiences they have in their current life make them do what they do.

Soul Connects…

Many times in our lives, we connect easily with people for the first time. They seem to appear from nowhere and we find ourselves drawn to their energies.  Our unseen and unheard souls, energies, destiny, fate seem have their own way of connecting with people. It is almost as if this has been programmed for our lives. They also seem to have a purpose in bringing a fresh view of your life. These can be life changing triggers which make a positive difference to the rest of your life. One needs to be open to these triggers and absorb them as it was meant to be. People who are open to such triggers to become more evolved human beings and are willing to change for the better.


Every human being is always looking for this emotion all his life. A Happy person finds happiness is everything what he does. A Sad person will always find ways to be sad. The choice is yours.

The trick is to increase the amount of time in your day to be happy. Sadness will find you but you need not seek it. If it finds you, delve on it for as short a time as possible and also look for happiness in that sadness.

Birth and Death

What we have is the time between our birth and death of which we need to sleep for one-third of it. We have also been given a free body which has its own life and death, a free mind to store and analyse what we experience and emotions which we can use for making ourselves happy and then sharing it to others around us. The body dies, memories die, mind also dies along with your death. You may want to maximise the time when you are happy during your life. A person who is able to keep himself happy under all circumstances is the most happiest person on earth.

New Year…

Everyday is a birth of a New year for the next 365 days. But New year celebrations are meant to strengthen the bonds of friends and families to march through the next year.

Our life is mostly mysterious…

Many events and situations happen in everyone’s life which in itself  is quite mysterious. Either you tend to take credit to yourself selfishly or you quietly thank your stars and show gratitude to what has happened. It may be a situation of avoiding an accident, a near death situation, your health turning around, meeting people who exude joy in your life, a positive result which was unexpected, a series of incidents which lead you to a journey, a culmination of thoughts which transforms you to a new path in life etc. One ha to be humble to understand that there are many positive ways shown in your life even without any of your efforts and you need to go with the flow smoothly and harmlessly.

Reasonable rituals..

Most cultures and religions have many rituals which generations have been following without questioning it. Rituals become symbolic of a concept or a belief. People with blind faith continue to follow it happily as they have a comfort that it is good for them and good for the world around them even if they do not know what it means. People with logic are a little unhappy with these as they need a reason to follow. In the indian context, Camphor burns and removes the negative ions in its surrounding and so used at temples and at all prayers. Tulsi is one of the best remover of germs in your stomach and so converted to a religious practice to have some every day. Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and is used in food and on the skin as a custom. Wish all of these are clearly explained for everyone to accept these rituals easily.

Absence of Logic is a mystery….

Anyone who believes in logic has to also cope with situations/decisions which have an absence of logic. Instinct, Gut feeling, spontaneous decisions, following your heart are all examples of the same. It also means that this phenomenon is only a mystery till it is discovered. Faith is also a situation which looks like an absence of logic and the challenge is to find out the logic behind faith. Past life and future life is taken for granted more out of faith than logic. But  logic cannot explain a 4 yr old retains the memory of a dead 50 yr old. Logic and Faith are two very strong tools for happiness and it depends of which  suits you and want to accept.

Thoughts create waves..

Telepathy, Telekinesis are all examples of thoughts creating waves having the ability to direct it to an action. Our ears have limitations in terms of the frequencies we can hear. Outside its range, there are so many electromagnetic waves which are emitted by nature and also by man-made machines. The solar system with its many celestial bodies moving at high-speed in itself must be creating a huge amount of waves all around. Our thoughts also must be creating waves around us. Deep focus on these thoughts make them powerful and change things around us. The basis of the power of attraction in Secret is also clear and distinct thoughts which slowly makes the environment around work for us. Positive thoughts are clearly the way to make this world a better place.

Connecting through the soul…

In one’s life, we seem to connect to various types of people. Some start at an appearance level. We are attracted by the looks, colour, neatness etc and some start with a mental connect where the knowledge, skills and abilities of the ither person attracts you. There are those few which you seem to connect without any logical reason. Maybe it is that the soul, spirit, life force of the two people connects and then you discover it. It could also be that the two souls have been connected in previous lives and also continue onto the next life if there is one. Two people connected this way are more likely to be close to each other even if they do not interact much. They may be strangers, friends or just acquaintances all over this world.

Every day is unique in your life…

One of the beauties of life is that you have been given a unique day on every day of your life is unique. It has never come before and will never come back from tomorrow. It is up to to utilise this unique day to make it memorable. Life needs to be celebrate daily till you live. Every day is a reason to rejoice on the past and dream about your future while sharing the joy and happiness one has. Problems and worries overwhelm you but your mind can overcome the same by being positive and cheerful. After all,  they need not overpower you as you have the ability to deal with them in time peacefully.

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