Winning & Loosing…

In a game, someone has to lose for someone to win. The loser also contributes to the victory and the winner also contributes to the loser.

The attitude of the winner displays the character and culture of that person. He can show negative traits like arrogance, self praise and an inflated ego or he can be humble and thankful to all around him.

The above is valid for an individual, a team, an organization or a country.

History has shown us that winners who are humble continue to win as they do not get distracted with the win. Losers who learn from thier losses, improve on thier weaknesses and become future winners.

Staying centered…

We are all aware how brainwashing is used to take control of a person’s thought process. This leads to the person being aligned towards one side and not centered. The person refuses to see both sides of a coin and instead very comfortably defends his view or position.

Mass hypnotism, auto suggestions, religious indoctrination, psychiatric treatment, political manipulations etc all use these techniques for thier own good reasons.

How does one avoid being brainwashed in an individual challenge. To be centered in one’s mind is a way of observing every moment and every event in an impartial and unbiased way before coming to any conclusion. This is critical for separating the truth from the fake. Sometimes not concluding is better than concluding in a wrong way.

You are a sum total of yours decisions…

Your body, mind and soul is an accumulation of your decisions in life.

The health of your body depends on how you have decided to eat and how you much have decided to be physically active.

Your mind moves in the direction of what decisions you have taken to focus on and what you have accepted and rejected in your life. If you have a calm mind, it manifests in your life.

Your soul is a display of your character and personality. This is also your set of decisions.

Take care of your decisions to take care of your life.

Life limited by time…

We all know time is a precious resource we have during one’s life. The way we use our time decides the way we live our life. Our choice is normally to be happy.

Most people use their time to find new ways to be happy and ignore all the reasons why they should be happy in the first place. They sacrifice a lot of thier time to reach what they believe will make them happy. They accept pain during this journey as a necessity during this journey.

One forgets that every moment of time is an opportunity to be joyful. When we accept life flows through us and we without set expectations can be joyful. This acceptance is not easy and takes a lot of mental awareness to flow through life smoothly.

Pleasurable moments are easy to accept and when painful moments creep in, we tend to get stuck with it. One needs to reduce the time we delve on painful moments to increase the moments of happiness in our lives.

Politics is a noble profession ..

A good politician is one who happily shares his knowledge and skills for the upliftment of the masses in his country. Every citizen is equal in the mind of a good politician. His decisions are made based on ensuring that every person in the country moves up in education, health, jobs and quality of life.

As a profession, it is very noble as it impacts a huge number of people in a country compared to any other profession. A good politician has a large heart and immense unconditional love and respect for its citizens just like a parent has for his children. He is knowledgable, mature, happy and self sufficient. His only measure of sucess is the number of people’s lives he has made a positive impact during his tenure.

The challenge and duty of the citizens is to get good politicians to manage the country. They need to nurture, choose, motivate and encourage the right people to join politics and lead the country.

Focus decides your outcomes…

Focus and concentration come from your passion to act. When you focus, all your thoughts and intuitions tend to work for you towards your intention. Your thoughts seem to attract further thoughts and situations thereby helping you in your objectives.

Positive thinking brings positive thoughts which enhances your chances as you move forward. Negative situations can be easily overcome by your positive motives.

Even in relationships, when you focus on the positives you tend to ignore the negatives. Focus in itself can be either directed towards negativity or positivity. Both ways it will enhance it.

One should try and use focus only towards positive outcomes.

Proud Indian but not so proud of current India.

India has progressed tremendously since its independence in 1947 as a single entity country. However, if we look at the current situation, it has a long way to go.

Citizens have lost trust in politicians, courts, police, educational institutions, corporates, hospitals, bureaucrats, teachers, religious leaders etc. All of the above are the fundamental drivers of a well governed country. This situation will lead to people to either taking law in their own hands or embracing the wave of negativity around them.

When the citizens in a democracy desire a dramatic change, they do have the people power to make it happen. If they choose to take a easy path of compromise, they will only invite more degradation.

Time for a massive change is around the corner and likely to happen soon for a better future of its citizens.

Meeting people…

The net has increased the facilities to reduce chances of meeting people. It is a convenience and for getting more done in less time. Unfortunately, It also reduces the people to people interactions.

When people meet, theirs energies mingle. The interaction is more than verbal communication. Its a holistic communication. One can not only hear but also feel the communication. The tone of the voice, the emotions in the faces, the adopted posture and many more nuances can be internalised.

Any serious interactive communication should be planned in person. The time and effort taken to make it happen is always worth the outcome.

Managing your mind…

No mind is a state of no thoughts. No thoughts mean no pleasure or no pain. Just a calm state while your body lives. This stage should be used in a way to rest and revive your mind. We wake up and our thought engine takes over. Some thoughts come from within and some are triggered externally. Thoughts from within come from your own experiences till now in your life. Thoughts from external sources can be what your senses observe. Managing your thoughts is a key skill to happiness. Ability to reject or ignore or remove negative thoughts and focus on positive thoughts makes one more balanced and peaceful.

Mind your body…

Your body is the most sophisticated, ever active and self healing vehicle for your life. It just needs good quality air, water and food to survive in its life time. It also follows a cycle of growing , sustaining and disintegration. If you help your body in its cycles, it tends to last longer and stay in good condition. If you stress it during its cycles, it disintegrates faster. Quality and adequate Sleep, physical activity keeps it going well.

Emotions of our mind has an effect on the body also. The more stress you generate in your mind, the more negative your thought process is manifests itself in the cellular level of your body. A healthy and positive mind can assist in even healing your body. People who are generally positive, find joy in little moments, enjoy the present moments tend to be healthier till the body dies.

Principles and Processes in a religion…

Most religion have embedded guiding principles in it to ensure a harmonious society of human beings. Many of these principles across religions are simple good habits, known to all but difficult to practice.

To assist people to follow these principles, processes were born. These can be in the form of dos and donts, rituals, culture etc. These processes were creates at different times and auitable for those times and never updated to suit current environment.

This rigidity of following those sometimes outdated processes has been the source of conflict right thorugh history.

The power leaders of a religion mandate that nothing is changed. The fear of the followers does not allow them to update the processes.

Wish all religions go through a process reengineering continuosly to keep up with times. This will solve many problems the world is facing today.

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