Universal citizenship…

Its free and available to you. All you have to do is to become one. You are born in this unverse and are a part of this universe. When you feel so, there is a sense of belonging to everything around you. You feel connected and have the capacity to love all living beings and things around you. You break away from all barriers like your neighbourhood, city, state, country, language, religion etc. You mostly bask in love or gratitude, which are two of of most powerful emotions one can have for feeling happy. Every person across all barriers become a source of happiness for you. You tend to appreciate good people and try and assist not so good people to become good. Your charector and attitude rejects hate, greed, jealousy, ego, anger, revenge and embraces only positive words, thoughts and actions as a way of life. It’s simple to cultivate and an effective way to feel good always.


Present moments…

When one wakes up from sleep, you and your mind starts to dictate how you will go through the moments available to you during the day. Every moment is an opportunity to energise yourself through positive thoughts and in creating a calm and happy series of moments. This certainly enhances the health of your body, creates calmness in your mind and a feeling a bliss in your soul. However, its easier said than done. One spends time in the past focusing on problems faced rather than happy moments experienced. One looks at future as a potential problem list which may have to be faced rather than painting a happy future. With these two driving thoughts, the present moments which one has, becomes a past moment of accumulated negativity. Enjoy the past moments of joy and attract positive thoughts of your future to have a wonderful present moment all the time or focus on whatever you are doing in the present with full joy, concentration and involvement that you dont need to think of your past nor your future in this present moment. 

Snuggles as a source of life skills..

Our pet dog Snuggles turned 10 years today. So much to learn about life skills from him. Sharing a few of them here. 

Unconditional love to all attracts unconditional love from all around you. He exudes this every day.

Living in the present moment happily makes your life journey abudantly pleasent. Every moment every day is a new day to be started fresh and joyful. Don’t dwell too much on the past and let the future come on its own till it becomes a present moment.

Sharing your love and affection to all around you without any differenciation makes one’s life beautiful. No one feels lesser loved by him. He finds a graceful balance with everyone.

Eat and drink as per your needs and not by greed and pride. Though he loves to share a small bit from anyone of us but eats his food purely for hunger. Leaves food alone if it exceeds his hunger however tasty he may find.

Has an amazing sense of energy around him. He senses people’s emotions and health. He befriends people based on our interactions with them. Does not harm anyone but always yearns to love and be loved.

His only lovable gadgets and toys are people, birds and nature. All others like tv, mobiles computers are totally ignored.

Thanks Snuggles for coming into our lives. You have been a common source of love for our family, many friends and relatives who have interacted with you.

Perceptions and Emotions…

All perceptions is our life primarily starts with our five senses. What we see, hear, touch, smell or taste adds to our database of experiences we hold from when we are born. Some experiences we love, some we hate, some we just accept but all of them is within us to refer to. This love and hate perceptions converts to emotions which we tend to display. Anger, jealousy, greed etc are experienced based on which experience we enjoy and which we detest in our life. 

Awareness and absorption of our experiences is a mandatory biological process but converting it into negative emotions is optional and is done by your mind. People who are happy are the ones where they  convert any of their experiences either into positive emotions or ignore them. People who seem unhappy seem to convert and hold on to negative emotions. For example, One can see a person full of joy and either become jealous or feel happy. One can help someone and feel joyful or expect something back. Choice is ours.

Love conquers everything…

It does if you embrace and internalise it.

Love for our body conquers the abuse one tends to expose one’s body. Conscience breathing, hydrating adequately and eating enough to live is the positive outcome.

Love for our mind conquers the negative thoughts one tends to delve on. Caring, giving, patience, tolerance, humility, joyfulness and etc are the positive outcomes.

Love for our universe conquers our careless attitude towards everything external to us. Appreciating the role of our universe in our lives, spiritual view of our life, embracing and respecting nature and  it’s unconditional giving are the positive outcome.

Love directed in the right manner makes life a worthwhile journey.

Mentoring is an art…

Everyone plays a role of a mentor for someone else at various stages in a life. You may be in a situation of a brother, sister, mother, father, manager, leader, friend or any other role which life throws at you. A relationship between a mentor and a mentee works well when it is based on trust, respect and openness. Sometimes the same two people may exchange roles in a different situation. An effective mentor cares and enjoys his success when the mentee succeeds, not because of him but because the mentee has internalised and become independent of the mentor. A Parent moves from a controller to an advisor and then to a mentor for his children. At the same time, a child moves from being a dependent to an independent citizen of this world. The same parent also tends to become a mentee later in life when his children grow up and are independent themselves to play a role of a mentor. One should understand and practice  the traits of an effective mentor and mentee to move through life smoothly.

Developing an ego to improve..

Learning in one’s life can be an enjoyable journey and has to be a continuous process. A Learning goal must lead to more happiness which comes through gaining sufficient knowledge, an ability to execute and enjoying a task which one is performing. Our ego can play either a positive or a negative role in this learning process. A high ego about oneself can lead to obstructing the process of one’s learning. A balanced ego helps in being open and receptive to learn and a low ego can create a positive stress in improving our-self. Many times, our ego clouds our judgement when there is an opportunity comes by to learn. One becomes so focused on defending and protecting our own ego that the opportunity to learn and improve is lost. One can learn from anyone at any time if one wishes to sit one does not focus or judge the source, but try and focus on what can be learned from any situation.

Observe the cycle of cycles…

Look around and we observe everything  starts and ends. Some within our lifetime and some beyond it. Some immediately and some after a lag. A year ends to start a new year. Days ends to start a night which again ends to start a day again. Our thoughts start and end to move to new thoughts. Our emotions, vision, smell, taste, hunger, sleep, freshness, tiredness, life, joy, miseries, death all follow one universal formula of start and end. Our planets, solar system, Galaxy and the universes are also deemed to start and end. Nothing is permanent and everything seems transient. One should just accept and calmly observe the start and end as a natural law of nature. Neither get too euphoric or too miserable with either. We need to learn to be a happy witness always, with love and gratitude to all around us.

A routine allows focus…

Most people tend to get bored with routine. We need changes and new excitement to go through our lives. We struggle to break routines and create more and more clutter in a way to experience new sources of happiness. Nature around us seems quite comfortable with a routine. Water in a river just flows. Waves of oceans keep coming back and forth. The sun and moon just about go about their daily routines to its schedule. Seasons change routinely. Plants and animals have a very natural routine. Fortunately, all their routine behaviours keep us alive. There seems to be a peace and giving feeling around routines. The mind is calmer with routines and the body is less disturbed during routines. It’s time for humans to enjoy the  peace and happiness around routines than be stressed on constantly getting bored and struggling to break routines. However, adapt to change when it happens naturally and even start a new routine but do not get stressed on an existing peaceful  routine.

When not to talk…

One talks to either share knowledge or to acquire knowledge. Acquisition of new knowledge happens when one listens carefully, questions it for clarifications, analyses it with reference to what one knows, internalises it based on personal reconfirmation and creates an mindful intention to store it for our future use. Sharing is usually meant for others but also can be used as a reconfirmation of what one knows. This is based on how others accept or reject or fine tune the piece of knowledge you have shared. However, sharing should be done only when the other person is open to listening and engaging in a productive manner else it becomes a useless exercise. One needs to judge this during a conversation before continuing the sharing. The art of not talking is as important as when to talk.

Unbiased awareness leads to solutions…

All of us have a tendency to judge ourselves with a positive bias as it just feels good. Any problem we may have is never ours but should be easily blamed on others. Any weakness we have can be easily justified. It’s an unconditional and blind support for ourselves which feeds our false ego. Anyone pointing out a problem in you has to be because the other person is judging with a bias and wrongly. While this keeps ourselves looking good within our own judgement, it can lead to a false view of yourself. One learns and grows in life only through humility and by continuously being open to and being aware of one’s own problems thereby trying to either correct it or work around it. A solution is never needed when there is no problem and a problem when ignored continues to grow with time.

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