My Dad’s Observations #13

When asked why he sometimes  worries so much about trivial matters, he quotes an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. He says at his age, he needs to be busy in his mind which will exercise his memory and mind. He needs to talk to people to be positive and healthy. He also needs to help people to stay cheerful and content.

My Dad’s Observations #12

A good friend of mine asked my Dad recently how he manages to have a very good memory at his age. He paused and said that it could be God’s gift to him and laughed. Then he told gave him his little secret. He said it is nothing but concentration.  When you hear , see or observe, it is very important to concentrate and focus on it. Your mind should be devoid of any other activities for those moments. If you are able to do this, you will easily store it very well in you memory. Later, you can recall them anytime with a little concentration.

My Dad’s Observations #11

Laughter is very good for your health, your mind and everyone around. Be jovial, laugh and make others laugh. There is always reasons to laugh. Make it a regular part of your life. Laughter reduces stress, creates bonding and makes it easy to interact with everyone.  A sense of humour is a life skill which can keep you going throughout your life. Either create laughter or be a participative audience.

My Dad’s Observations #10

While India rightfully achieved the right to freedom in 1947, we  missed out on learning some of the good practices of the British administration. Punctuality, discipline, dressing well, efficient administration, etiquette, respect for hard work, value for good work done, practice of democracy etc etc. Good habits for good reasons should be learnt from anyone including from whom you consider as your enemy.

My Dad’s Observations #09.

When you wake up, prepare your body for the day by exercises, cleaning up, looking your best, then prepare your mind for the day by reading, thinking, speaking and finally prepare your soul for the day by medidating, praying and being grateful. Now you are ready to face anything which comes by during that day till you go to sleep happily and move on to the next day in your life.

My Dad’s observations #08

If you feel someone is not behaving to your expectations, try to forgive them. They are not blessed enough to do the right things. You can change them only with your positive behaviour not by ridiculing them or by sheer force. You be a friend to them and help them understand what it means to be in good behaviour by showing them in your actions. This will trigger any normal person to realize and slowly change.

My Dad’s Observations #07

Contentment is the key to happiness. A simple life, living within your means, aspiring with a sense of balance leads to peace and happiness. Be it the food you eat, or the dresses you wear, or the house you live in, if it is beyond your means, you have invited trouble for your future. One needs to develop a sense of comfort in being content. Contentment should not be aritificial as it can also lead to a lot of stress in one’s mind.

My Dad’s observations #06

Character building is the most important education one can get during youth. Discipline, hard work, courage, importance of health, joy of helping others are all basic traits of a good human being. Being a scout in the 1930’s made him understand that one should make it a habit to help at least one person every day, which will keep one going happily through life and serve as a daily source of purpose and joy. He looks forward to this purpose even now every day and enjoys helping others.

My Dad’s observations #05

Work hard, be active, earn money,  live in a simple manner, keep some for emergencies and  the rest give it to the poor and needy. Do not give to the rich but give unconditionally to the needy. This joy of giving willl keep you alive and happy.

My Dad’s observations #04

Before independence Indians were one, immaterial of thier religion but now indians are seperating themselves and trying to prove thier religion is better. All people are the same and are equals though they practice different religions.

My Dads observation #03

Nurses and hospital staff should be more kind to patients and not rush mechanically in thier tasks. Cheer up the patients and reduce thier pain and they become healers themselves.  They should do thier tasks slowly and calmly.

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