Physical, mental and spiritual well being…

Most people focus on our bodies to maintain thier health. It is proven that the bodily health is not enough. The status of mind affects our health too and the unknown spirit also affects our mind and body.

The body should be maintained always.e Healthy food, flexing your joints and muscles, good quality sleep also helps the body to keep going. As you age, these 3 become more important to maintain and extra efforts is required. Body will deteriote with age and needs extra efforts on your side to keep status quo.

The mind is a unseen part of you. We experience our mind through its accumulated memories, emotions and intelligence. Memories are based on what you have gathered through your senses from birth. Emotions are feelings which you associate with your memories and this is done by your intelligence. The balancing of emotions is critical and needs to be maintained by your intelligence. Most emotions have a physiological effect on your body in either positive and negative ways. Keeping your emotions in the right balance will help your body in a positive way. Your intellect when in the mode of goodness tends to take the right decisions and responses on any information which are exposed through your senses.

The spiritual part of your body is unseen and many times unknown. This is your identity and which witnesses your mind and body. When you witness your mind and body through this lens, then you gain an ability to know right and wrong and make corrections as you go along in life. Meditation is a tool to transcend your body and mind and become a witness. This state is one where your mind becomes still and so has no possible negative effect on your body and thereby allows the body’s self healing energies to operate without any interference.

Expand and embrace our Universe…

When you identify yourself as a citizen of our universe, which one should, your views become inclusive. Country, city, religion, language, status does not factor anymore in your judgement. There are only fellow human beings in our world and they fall under the range of good to bad with in one’s own yardstick.

Good ones needs to be encouraged and bad ones needs help from the good ones to embrace goodness. This is the only way to make our world better.

Divide and rule strategy is for people who are succumbing to the false temporary pleasures of materialism. Expand and embrace strategy are for the people who embrace spiritualism as a way of life and live joyfully.


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