My Intention

Nothing, I am sure which I have written can be claimed by me as original. It is my life’s exposure and learning from so many people and experiences that I have come to some conclusions. All what I write is what I feel and believe in at this point in my life but I do not claim to practice it all.

This blog is not about me but started with an objective to make the guests think, ponder on a particular topic and come to their own conclusions. I am sure each one of us have a view which is fairly unique and a lot depends on one’s own experience and exposure in life. It will be great if people who visit the site, rate the articles and share their comments even if it is quite opposite to what has been written.

The idea is not to debate with each other but to respect and review multiple points of view of various people on a particular subject. I will be very pleased if even some of these views helps even a few people to change their views on life in a positive manner. Any constructive suggestions from guests are most welcome.

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  1. Bill McPherson
    Feb 07, 2011 @ 14:08:12

    I see luck as one or more beneficial happenings that only with hindsight are apparent. In fact I feel blind chance or probability are better terms.
    However if you do the right things, and what you consider right and good are that for you, and learn from your mistakes you will better your chances.
    Its OK to look back, but don’t stare



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