Reacting to Anger…

To get angry is human but different people react in different ways when they get angry. Some vent their feelings talking to themselves or anyone near by to remove it. Words in anger are mostly out of sync and can cause more damage. Some people react violently and become physical against the source of anger. Some get stressed, absorb it through their own system and lead themselves into ill health. Some become silent, calm down, understand the reasons and find a way out to eliminate it for the moment and also make positive changes for the future. The choice is yours but your genes and attitude in life also influence you.

Laugh your anger away..

Anger has an effect on your pulses, blood pressure and nervous system. Further, what you say during your anger can be very hurting to others and what you do can be quite involuntary and dangerous. When you get angry, think for a moment on why it is happening. Invariably, it will because of someone else’s ignorance or stupidity or something which is in no one’s control and not your doing. You are punishing yourself unnessarily for this and getting effected. When you realise this, you can easily laugh your anger away. Any calm mind has an ability to find sensible solutions.

if someone says you are a fool….

you have two choices. one, you can get angry and say he is a bigger fool or find out from why you are being called a fool. If you find out a good reason, it will help you change and you can thank him or if you find he has no reason, you can feel sad for him as he is just being an innocent and stupid fool.


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