Unbiased awareness leads to solutions…

All of us have a tendency to judge ourselves with a positive bias as it just feels good. Any problem we may have is never ours but should be easily blamed on others. Any weakness we have can be easily justified. It’s an unconditional and blind support for ourselves which feeds our false ego. Anyone pointing out a problem in you has to be because the other person is judging with a bias and wrongly. While this keeps ourselves looking good within our own judgement, it can lead to a false view of yourself. One learns and grows in life only through humility and by continuously being open to and being aware of one’s own problems thereby trying to either correct it or work around it. A solution is never needed when there is no problem and a problem when ignored continues to grow with time.


Presence of Mind…

Presence of mind is a being in a state of awareness. Most rash talks or actions happen when there is a short burst of absence of mind. One repents such actions later when the presence of mind comes back but one’s ego starts to justify those acts and not allow it to accept the mistake. It is so important for all to have a presence of mind which basically means all your actions are done with full awareness. Awareness of your mind is a practice to be followed till it becomes a habit. Anger, Jealousy, Revenge, Greed are examples of feelings in the absence of mind. Always avoid these elements whenever you talk or act and you will be more peaceful.


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