My Dad’s observations #08

If you feel someone is not behaving to your expectations, try to forgive them. They are not blessed enough to do the right things. You can change them only with your positive behaviour not by ridiculing them or by sheer force. You be a friend to them and help them understand what it means to be in good behaviour by showing them in your actions. This will trigger any normal person to realize and slowly change.

Behaviour on a flight…

I was on a flight recently and came across a bunch of passengers who were having a good time. Few of them joined together,  were speaking loudly, enjoying their own jokes and were oblivious of other passengers in the flight. What they were ignorant of is that their behaviour was disturbing all the passengers around them. It was a display of selfishness to pursue their own happiness. It is expected that a person enjoys himself but ensures that it is not at a cost of others. I am sure many passengers were angry, disturbed and helpless. One should be always aware of the harm one may cause knowingly or unknowingly to their surroundings.


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