My Birthday….

I have never given too much importance to my birthday. Of course, it is a wonderful day to cherish is my life when I came into being in this world as a body with a mind and soul. This year, there ware so many wishes I received this day that I starting feeling a little guilty for not adequetely reciprocate such wishes to others. The fact that another human being wishes you on this day is a beautiful feeling. The love affection and care accorded to you is in itself a motivation in your life. These wishes are unconditional and make you feel good.

Birthdays as a positive trigger…

Many good events happen as one reaches a new birthday. Family, friends and relatives use this trigger to acknowledge your presence in their lives. Small celebrations take place and it becomes a healthy meeting of people you know. It also helps to review what has happened in the last one year and what could happen in the next one year. Parents shower a lot of love towards their children on their birthdays and feel proud of their growing child. Children enjoy celebrating their parents birthday as a thanks giving. A child feels proud and that he has made one more step towards becoming an adult. There is normally joy all around and the day acts as a trigger to many. One should also remember that every day is a new day in one’s life and live it fully as this day will never come back  in one’s life.


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