Harmless Communication can also be harmful…

When there is a pain/confusion created due to a communication to one of the parties, mostly it is because one person mentions something with no intended harm and the other takes it as a devious assault. One has to be very careful while communicating. It should not hurt anyone around even unintentionally. The timing of the communication and judging how others take it is also critical to make it harmless. It is also important for the receiver to carefully analyse what is communicated and not get hurt. Even harsh words can be ignored, brushed away or taken in a positive manner. Both the communicator and receiver is responsible to ensure that there is no pain.


Presentation style is critical…

Give a topic to ten different people asking them to present, you will find 10 different reactions from the audience. The way a presentation is delivered can have a lasting impression on an audience and that’s why good speakers attract large audiences. A good presenter is humble, knowledgeable, has an ability to tweak his style based on the mix of the audience, is sincere is his delivery and treats the audiences as his dear customers. The ability to involve the audience through simple means is a skill which helps in transferring the key message. Presenting skills can be fine tuned by practice and learnt by listening to good speakers. The challenge is not copy the style but ensure that the basics are maintained in your own unique style.


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