My Dad’s Observations #07

Contentment is the key to happiness. A simple life, living within your means, aspiring with a sense of balance leads to peace and happiness. Be it the food you eat, or the dresses you wear, or the house you live in, if it is beyond your means, you have invited trouble for your future. One needs to develop a sense of comfort in being content. Contentment should not be aritificial as it can also lead to a lot of stress in one’s mind.

How much is enough…

Contentment is a fail safe way for peace of mind. Most people create problems for themselves unknowingly as they pursue relentlessly for more than what they really need to be happy and peaceful. The question of how much is enough has to be answered within oneself. Comparing with others for no reason, voracious greed, simple jealousy and high ego leads to high levels of being discontent. There is no upper or lower limits to contentment but it is what your mind believes is enough. Defining priorities in life, simplicity, joy of giving, sharing, following the rules, honesty, responsibility  and enjoying the simple moments in life makes a person content and happy.


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