Want to be Proud of India…

Everyone wants to be proud of our country but how many of us want to bring the change needed for us to be proud of India. We live in a country which is mostly governed by the mantra called corruption. Corruption drives most of our politicians, bureaucrat, businessmen, and people at large. We live, breath and survive on corruption. Our majority is poor because of corruption. Our majority of rich are richer with the aid of corruption. Our schools. Colleges, hospitals, police, courts have absorbed corruption as an acceptable means to make money. It is time we first take pride in making the changes we need before calling ourself a proud Indian.

Roots of corruption..

Corruption has existing for centuries and emanates from people. If you analyse the roots of corruption, it makes down to basic degeneration of basic human values in that person. Greed beyond one’s needs, disrespect for the law of the land, selfishness driving actions, ego driven acquisitions, insatiable hunger for power, tramping on others for self growth are some of the reasons behind this silly behaviour. Unless mankind looks at strengthening the roots of values, it cannot eradicate corruption. All religions try to do this and have not succeeded. In fact, most corrupt people use their religion to protect their corruption. People have to find ways to change these degenerated roots to change the outcome of corruption in future.

Food for corruption….

The staple food for corruption is greed and selfishness. Find a way to remove this from every citizen of a country to remove corruption from that country. How can a country help its people get out of this cycle. Every school should focus on this, every parent can shape their child. All media can help enhance this objective. Every corporate can support it. Every citizen needs to internalize this for the larger good. All major problems in this world can go away with this transformation. We have enough food in this world to feed everyone but billions go hungry. We have enough water to quench the thirst of all living beings in this world. We also enough oxygen to breathe in this world. All of these become scarce due to the greed and selfishness of countries, corporations and people.

Corruption is a disease of the mind…

Unfortunately, Corruption has become a way of life for many in India across all sections of the society. India ranks a low  78th in the world. Either you start corrupting or you support it to find an easy way out. If people are happy to be honest, happy to be content, happy to feel rich in life without money beyond their needs, there is no need to be corrupt. It is an addictive disease where the mind finds ways to justify itself that it is ok as most people do it, it is ok because the taxes are high,  it is ok as the laws are not sensible and it is ok as you are only makin a living and helping your family etc. Uncontrolled ego, acute selfishness, valuing people only by money, inability to abide by laws, uncaring attitude towards other fellow humans affected by corruption are the symptoms of this disease.  This is one disease which the country has to eradicate by cleansing the minds of its people else there will be desperation all around.


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