Nurture the roots to have good trees..

Most solutions to long-lasting problems can be resolved only by looking at the source of the problem. Correct the source and the problem goes away with time. In a democracy, corrupt politicians thrive because the voters vote for them out of ignorance and blind faith.  Well meaning politicians do not come forward for the same reason. Try and change the mindset of the voters and you will find well-meaning politicians coming forward and corrupt politicians vanishing slowly. Voters need to take this up as their duty to bring the right leaders forward which is turn will develop and grow the country all around them.

General Body Meetings…

In a democracy, an option to take a collective decision is through a general body meeting. In a general body, everyone has equal powers to vote for and against a decision to be taken. To be productive and effective, every member needs to be well prepared on the subject discussed to ensure that a well thought decision goes through smoothly. Each member should also be supporting decisions for the larger good of all members than individual preferences. Unfortunately, ego, groupism, blind support, etc become tools of failure in most meetings. A Chairman of a general body meeting is merely a facilitator and he has to ensure that everyone is given a chance to air his views and finally propose a decision which is taken collectively. In India, this needs to improve in our clubs, societies, associations, state and central parliaments to make our path of democracy effective.

Democracy is sweet when it works..

The world has evolved from dictatorship and monarchy towards democracy. Democracy gives power to it’s people to choose it’s leaders and reduces the risks of a bad dictator or an overpowering monarchy managing the country. India moved into democracy along with its recent independence in 1947. The caste system  slowly eroded along with the ushering of democracy. While the citizens were happy to get a new found power of voting, they did not take their responsibilities seriously enough beyind it. Meanwhile, the dictators and criminals of the land utilised the same democracy to manage the voting in the lines of the caste system and ruling the nation in the selfish mode. While voting can be democratic, the management of the country has to be based on knowledge and experience. When a family, company or any organization is run effectively  in a hierarchical fashion, why is the country being managed in a democratic manner. There is a strong case for  democracy version 2.

India is young and growing….

3000 years ago, one of the richest and most evolved civilizations in a region had developed which we now call as a country called India. About 400 years ago is when each of the many kingdoms of this region were captured and controlled by invaders till about 1947.  63 years ago, which is less than an average lifespan is when India as a country was born. With an old hierarchical history, India bravely embraced socialist democracy which is quite opposite to the caste system in that it  equates each one of its citizen as one respected entity. What is happening since independence till now is a merger between the old caste system and the equal respect for all democracy. This means that the citizens have to accept and live with some compromises in their religion or in democracy for the overall good of its citizens.


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