Understanding misunderstanding…

We often find that even when we are correct from our point of view, others find it incorrect from their point of view. Strangely, both are right from their own point of view and possibly both could also be wrong from another person’s point of view. These individual views leads to confusion, ego triggers and misunderstanding. The focus usually is to try and aggressively prove one is right and defocus from the concept
which is being discussed and debated. One has to decide their objective in such encounters. Either decide that you want to be the person who is right or you will take all the views around and distill it to become a little wiser that when you started.

Working with People..

One of the most complex skills to nurture is working with other people. The complexity comes with a clash of ideas, focus and principles of two people when they interact. Each one bring their egos, experiences, convictions into play and if these are slightly different, then there is a tendency to not be open to the other’s viewpoint. It could also be that both want the other to agree to their view as they soon forget the real issue and convert the conversation into a soft competition to prove themselves. One needs to de link a little from one’s own fixed views to have a healthy discussion than go for an argument.


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