Late flights…

You have had a long day travelling in a city and just come to the airport to take the last flight home and you find it delayed.  Passengers hate this situation and struggle with this helpless situation. The airlines have good reasons but not enough to make a passenger forget his disappointment. It is fascinating to watch what different people do under this scenario. Some get busy with their mobile phones, some open their pc for those pending , some eat,drink, Some start making friends all of these is good for other businesses. Businesses become happy with delays.  Some become angry, become sad, rant away to the first airline staff they see.. What is amazing is  while the airline staff is trying to manage all this in the best possible manner, no one seems to have any concern about their delays, their disappointments, their plans as they are the most affected by these delays and have to still sport a warm smile to fray tempers around.


Empathy drives reality…

One of the reasons for conflicting views is the lack of the ability to put oneself in the other persons shoes and view the issue. Each human being based on his genes, experiences in life and analysis of what he knows comes to a undertanding and believes the same to be the absolute truth.  But these two views of two different people do not match some times. To appreciate another person’s view in an unbiased manner, one should be able to cut off your own biases and visualise the reasoning behind that view. By knowing this, it is easier to relate to people and one learn’s to respect, or agree to disagree and sometimes accept the views of another person gracefully.


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