Energy of a Place….

Clearly the energy of a city is its people. One sees some rich place with low energy while some poor places with lots of energy. Its true with a family, an organization or a country. To see people who are enthusiastic, people who are enjoying the company of with families, people who smile, people who are helpful and people who are enjoying themselves gives a great impression of a city. Once this exists, rest will follow with time given the right political and economic environment. I recently walked through a small hamlet in a hill station around 9am. The hamlet was buzzing with activity. Children going to school and parents busy sending them to school. The lone shop vending away their wares. The workers getting ready to go to the farm in a well-groomed manner. The head of the hamlet moving around to make things happen. Lots of energy and lots of cooperation to be proud of.

love is an unconditional energy..

Love is a powerful catalyst which can drive one to excellence in whatever you do. Love for nature makes one enjoy it, protect it and nurture it. Love for knowledge creates curiosity, concentration and fulfillment. Love for people makes one empathetic, caring and giving, Love for oneself keeps one fit, happy and cheerful and love for life means makes one content, satisfied and energetic. When you start something like a job, sports, profession, family, business, social service first check if you can have unconditional love for it.


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