Meeting etiquettes…

A meeting is held to either communicate in person to a group or to get the collective knowledge of a group into action or a bit of both. A Chairperson calls for and manages the meeting and tries to cover all the points in a smooth manner to the satisfaction of everyone present within a give timeframe. Chances are given to hear other’s views. Conclusions are made clearly and to the satisfaction of the majority and everyone leaves the meeting with a feeling of  well spent time. A bad meeting leads to chaos. Many times a member  tries to take a role of a chairperson and acts like one. People talk before being given a opportunity. Cross talks happen with full earnest. Topics out of the purpose becomes a reason to be there. Listening skills go down and multiple people talk at the same time. Time sense goes out of the window. It becomes an ego based, entertainment oriented gathering. One needs to be a good listener and be a well-behaved member before he gets accepted as a Chairperson.


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