Faith as a catalyst…

Beyond all the logic and reasoning, faith has the final say. Most decisions taken are calculated risks and a compromise on another decision. At this stage, faith of a person hones him or her towards a path. Faith has enough logic that it makes your mind take a call. Logic makes you analyse a situation carefully and arrive at possible answers. Once you have many options, faith becomes the tool to hone into your final choice. The balance of faith and logic in a decision varies from situation to situation. The ability to balance these two powers judiciously in your mind gives us a high possibility of success and that’s the skill one has to develop continuously.

Reasonable rituals..

Most cultures and religions have many rituals which generations have been following without questioning it. Rituals become symbolic of a concept or a belief. People with blind faith continue to follow it happily as they have a comfort that it is good for them and good for the world around them even if they do not know what it means. People with logic are a little unhappy with these as they need a reason to follow. In the indian context, Camphor burns and removes the negative ions in its surrounding and so used at temples and at all prayers. Tulsi is one of the best remover of germs in your stomach and so converted to a religious practice to have some every day. Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and is used in food and on the skin as a custom. Wish all of these are clearly explained for everyone to accept these rituals easily.

Absence of Logic is a mystery….

Anyone who believes in logic has to also cope with situations/decisions which have an absence of logic. Instinct, Gut feeling, spontaneous decisions, following your heart are all examples of the same. It also means that this phenomenon is only a mystery till it is discovered. Faith is also a situation which looks like an absence of logic and the challenge is to find out the logic behind faith. Past life and future life is taken for granted more out of faith than logic. But  logic cannot explain a 4 yr old retains the memory of a dead 50 yr old. Logic and Faith are two very strong tools for happiness and it depends of which  suits you and want to accept.


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