Learning to Give…

All start our life with taking. As a baby, child and even a young adult one gets so used to taking that we start to  love it and even find ways to do more of taking. Some even manipulate and scheme so that their takings is more. Some even start taking what is not theirs and so harm others in some way. Taking only can become harmfully addictive. There is a time when one gradually shifts to sharing and giving. To start with, it’s the excess one has which one starts giving, One start’s to expect some return for giving something. It becomes a give and take principle which follows. The real giving is when one starts to share for joy, give to the unknown and do not expect anything back. Just the joy of giving in this form overwhelms and satisfies. This joy needs to be experienced to understand it. It is a great human trait to keep for life. Its a source of unconditional happiness.


Unconditional giving is the highest pleasure…

As one is growing up as a child, taking something free becomes an obsession. People do little tricks to get something free and derive pleasure from it. During childhood, it is in the open and as you grow up you try to do it in stealth mode to get more pleasure out of this habit.  It takes time to realize that the act of giving is much more a pleasure. Everyone can give something. It may be a smile, advice, love, warning, help, happiness , food, shelter, money, knowledge etc etc. This habit once developed becomes a part of your character. This also lead to the next stage where giving without  expectations or sometimes without any logic is an act of immense pleasure to the giver and it becomes a daily way of life.


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