Giving or taking….

Someone gives with pleasure and someone receives it with pleasure. More than the pleasure, the gratitude felt by the taker on the giver is much more long-lasting. Many times the taker does not know how the giver can be reciprocated and especially in those times, the words  and feelings which come out in the form of gratitude is the greatest gift for the giver. Giving is an attitude for life. It is possible anytime anywhere in any form. It can be as simple as a smile, an expression of gratitude,a simple hug during trying times etc. It can also be in the form of tasks, physical help, consolation, company etc. It can  be in the form of money, an act of sharing what you have, assets which you are happy to share or give away etc. Giving is possible always.

Gratitude is a pleasure..

Gratitude can be earned and it is one of the biggest pleasures in life. To have gratitude means one has to take pleasure in giving, sharing and making some sacrifices without any expectations. You can shower gratitude to nature for air food and water, to parents who loved and cared for you, to friends who were there for you, to your employer for creating a job for you etc etc When you receive it without any expectations, it seems that it is the most valuable asset you have created in life.


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