My Dad’s observations #06

Character building is the most important education one can get during youth. Discipline, hard work, courage, importance of health, joy of helping others are all basic traits of a good human being. Being a scout in the 1930’s made him understand that one should make it a habit to help at least one person every day, which will keep one going happily through life and serve as a daily source of purpose and joy. He looks forward to this purpose even now every day and enjoys helping others.

Getting tasks done….

Most tasks you have needs a positive interaction with other people to get it  done. People around you can advise you, help you, counsel you, have the information you need etc and they become critical to what you want done. People like to help you only if they feel that you are genuine and pleasant to them and so the approach you take towards asking people for help is key to get the right answers. If you demand as a right, you may not get helped. If you request with a smile, you are likely to get help. Thanking people from you heart for their help is a life long motivator for them. Pratice being genuine and grateful and ou will always get help.


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