Life of a soul…

Imagine a soul as we have been explained to. No birth, no death, eternal life, body and mind connect is temporary during a person’s life, exist in all living beings, formless, invisible, beyond the normal human beings. It is also possible that all these souls have their own world of other souls, communicate with each other, ignore the living beings and have a journey of their own. Maybe, they can move from one earth to another at will and come back when they wish. Do they have a law, a religion, a language ? Looks like they exist in a far higher form than the mortal human beings .


Everyone is a good human being…

If you analyse people, all of them are good human beings to start with. Unfortunate circumstances, bad experiences in life leads to negative characteristics in people. If they have been cheated many times, they become suspicious of others. If they have made to feel inferior, they start acting big or use lies to bring themselves out of that situation. If they are bron rich, they may tend to look down on others. If they are born poor, they started looking up at the rich. If they are not educated, they feel inferior and develop other skills to survive. if they are desperate for food and shelter and find themselves helpless, they tend to look at stealing or cheating as acceptable skills. It is always prudent to start a new relationship with positive thoughts and actions. With respect, trust, empathy, encoragement and just making them feel equal to you will greatly help them to change into the positive zone in life.


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