Want to be Proud of India…

Everyone wants to be proud of our country but how many of us want to bring the change needed for us to be proud of India. We live in a country which is mostly governed by the mantra called corruption. Corruption drives most of our politicians, bureaucrat, businessmen, and people at large. We live, breath and survive on corruption. Our majority is poor because of corruption. Our majority of rich are richer with the aid of corruption. Our schools. Colleges, hospitals, police, courts have absorbed corruption as an acceptable means to make money. It is time we first take pride in making the changes we need before calling ourself a proud Indian.

A simple solution to bury black money…

A friend of mine came up with a simple solution to eradicate the black money in the country. If there is an intention to move all the black money in India into white money, there is a simple way. On 1st Jan 2012, announce that all coins and notes of the current rupee  becomes invalid. Create a new set of coins, paper notes or e-currency which becomes valid from that date. Allow all the citizens to just get the new currency coins and notes in lieu of their  old ones. The cost of doping this will be a small percentage of the extra money available in the country.

Be Indian Buy Indian….

This principle was used in the 70’s is to improve one’s surroundings as much as you can. This can be extended downwards to any level. If you live in a suburb, look for the product/service around the suburb, then look to buy in your city, then look in your state, then look in your country and then look in the world. We need to encourage our companies, our products, our services, our culture and our concepts. A country becomes self-sufficient and more insulated from external factors if the people of that country encourage each other. One should be proud and happy to do so and not succumb to ego and oneupmanship. This also discourages unnecessary expensive imports which impairs our economy and also reduces the costs of products and services.

Independence thrives on responsibility…

Responsible parents try to control their children till they become responsible. They ensure they have knowledge to utilise, skills to survive and work hard to ensure they have a good character. They let go of control slowly as and when they find their children responsible enough to face the world in their own terms. India worked hard to gain independence for its family members (citizens) but it needs to work harder to ensure its citizens are responsible. A responsible citizen is clean, honest, follows the rules unconditionally, participates for collective change, votes in a democracy, pays the taxes, preserves its culture, nurtures its environment, respects other human beings, keeps his surroundings clean  and helps every other citizen to become more responsible.

Social inclusion by a family…

India can be viewed in terms of 250 million families. The top 50 million can afford to support the bottom 200 million families. If each family from the top adopts 4 families from the bottom each and supports their children (average 8 in number) in education, health and skills, we would have transformed India into a better place. The reality is that the 50 million looks at the world’s top 50 million and tries to reach that level. If families of India can view other families as an extension to their families, they would enhance them for their own good else there is a likely revolution from the bottom 200 million which can wipe the top 50 million families off the map.

Democracy is sweet when it works..

The world has evolved from dictatorship and monarchy towards democracy. Democracy gives power to it’s people to choose it’s leaders and reduces the risks of a bad dictator or an overpowering monarchy managing the country. India moved into democracy along with its recent independence in 1947. The caste system  slowly eroded along with the ushering of democracy. While the citizens were happy to get a new found power of voting, they did not take their responsibilities seriously enough beyind it. Meanwhile, the dictators and criminals of the land utilised the same democracy to manage the voting in the lines of the caste system and ruling the nation in the selfish mode. While voting can be democratic, the management of the country has to be based on knowledge and experience. When a family, company or any organization is run effectively  in a hierarchical fashion, why is the country being managed in a democratic manner. There is a strong case for  democracy version 2.

Salute the Micro entrepreneurs..

100’s of Millions of Indians who are not educated and poor from the unorganized sector in India and have taken entrepreneurship or contracting as a way to survive in their life. They live for a day, borrow from money lenders at high interest, brave the cops and thugs who come demanding money, find their customers, sell their goods or services, make a profit and live the day for their family. A daily positive business cycle keeps them going. These include veg vendors, ironing service, cobbler service, newspaper vending, food vendors, toy vendors etc etc. Without their indomitable spirit, Indians at large will have large numbers of petty criminals. No one really respects them, no media cares of them, no politician fights for them though they choose and try so hard to make a living in an honest way. They are entrepreneurs in their own right driving the country but also get treated like an unwanted orphan in their country. It is the educated and rich who have to take responsibility to improve their quality of life and bring them into the organized sector of our country where they also feel proud to be part of our Indian economy.

India’s lack of toilets..

Projections shows that 700 million people in India do not have access to proper toilet facilities. Even if we start now, it is going to take a few decades to create this basic need which helps health and hygiene of India. In the interim, one finds people struggling for privacy when the only option is using open places. A social enterprise product can be an interim solution. An umbrella kind of design which is foldable, opens into a square boxed area and rests on its 4 corners is a simple way to solve this. The 4 sides could be used as an advertisement space or sponsorship space to also advocate the lack of toilets in this vast country. The costs can be easily covered by the sponsors for an important social need.

a culture of Hygiene …

With 1.2 billion population, India is starving of toilets and is generally filled with garbage around. Statistics shows that India needs around  700 million  proper toilets. When an overseas visitor enters India, one of first noticeable facts is that India is dirty which implies that Indians are comfortable with garbage around, lack of toilets and generally poor in keeping their environment clean. Even if we start today, it will take 20-30 years where we can clean up this mess and also inculcate a practice a hygiene in India across the board. Even cities have open places which are used as Natural Toilets. There has to be a sustained mass movement in India to inculcate this culture. Government, NGO’s and Citizens needs to work towards it. But it has start with an awareness and drive from people. A clean environment certainly is one of the factors in the journey towards becoming a  developed country.

Corruption is a disease of the mind…

Unfortunately, Corruption has become a way of life for many in India across all sections of the society. India ranks a low  78th in the world. Either you start corrupting or you support it to find an easy way out. If people are happy to be honest, happy to be content, happy to feel rich in life without money beyond their needs, there is no need to be corrupt. It is an addictive disease where the mind finds ways to justify itself that it is ok as most people do it, it is ok because the taxes are high,  it is ok as the laws are not sensible and it is ok as you are only makin a living and helping your family etc. Uncontrolled ego, acute selfishness, valuing people only by money, inability to abide by laws, uncaring attitude towards other fellow humans affected by corruption are the symptoms of this disease.  This is one disease which the country has to eradicate by cleansing the minds of its people else there will be desperation all around.

India is young and growing….

3000 years ago, one of the richest and most evolved civilizations in a region had developed which we now call as a country called India. About 400 years ago is when each of the many kingdoms of this region were captured and controlled by invaders till about 1947.  63 years ago, which is less than an average lifespan is when India as a country was born. With an old hierarchical history, India bravely embraced socialist democracy which is quite opposite to the caste system in that it  equates each one of its citizen as one respected entity. What is happening since independence till now is a merger between the old caste system and the equal respect for all democracy. This means that the citizens have to accept and live with some compromises in their religion or in democracy for the overall good of its citizens.


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