Skills for life…

Knowledge can be acquired by time, retained if you have a good memory and used when situations demand but skills are real life practices of knowledge. Skills require practice till it reaches perfection. The output of a person combines 20% knowledge and 80% of skills. Jobs pay for output of a person and not for the knowledge one holds. Hence it is important for all to build skills for life which is useful in all jobs and tasks one needs to perform. Communication skills, Computer skills, Time management skills, Project management skills, Team work skills, Researching skills are all part of these skills which needs to be built throughout one’s life. Focus much more on these and rest will follow easily

Respect Knowledge and ignorance equally..

 It is common for people to respect knowledge and ridicule ignorance. After all, a person’s ignorance is due to a lack of knowledge. Lack of knowledge could be because of lack of opportunities, lack of mental ability to retain knowledge or lack of sheer interest. This means that is it quite stupid for knowledgeable people to ridicule ignorant persons. In fact, they should respect them as humans equally, help them out and try to be a good friend in need. Ridiculing another human being just because of lack of knowledge is a clear sign of arrogance and arrogance comes from ignorance of where one stands. No wonder it was said that ignorance is bliss as it does not give the possibility of interfering with any relationship. Your knowledge is purely a circumstance on what you have gone through in life and not something you which you establish an ego for.

How much Knowledge is enough…

Most of us are generally curious about everything and try to know everything about everyone etc etc. We try to keep accumulating knowledge throughout our lives without giving a thought that all the knowledge we have dies along with it. Any knowledge which you have which has not be used is a wasted effort on your part. Till your reach 20, all information you have to help to survive a working life of 40 years is more than enough. Throughout your working life, you also need to keep accumulating to grow, share it to spread it,earn from it and try to become a useful human on this planet earth. Beyond that, one must aggressively move from accumulating to dissipating knowledge as wide as possible. Will it not be nice  that when one dies, all knowledge you have accumulated has been either used for yourself or has been spread for the good of others. This way  you have a nil balance of knowledge  just like when you came into this world.

A Measure of success..

One needs to have the right checklist of measuring success else it can be easily misunderstood. A Person’s success can be measured by three factors. Same holds good for a country, organization or any group. One is the knowledge a person’s hold in respect to others, second is the skills which are displayed by utilising the knowledge which the person has and thirdly the attitude under both of the above are executed. A Criminal can have knowledge and the skill but the attitude is totally against fellow human beings. A corrupt rich person can also have the wrong attitude in life. All 3 factors are equally important  in this equation. If a country which is rich and advanced advances itself by messing up other countries, it is still a failure. Money based measures which is the most common view becomes a small factor in this equation which also implies that everyone including  poor,  rich has a potential to be successful in his/her own way.

What do you know…

I heard this profound depiction of ignorance from a gentleman who was part of a global movement to teach people life skills leading towards happiness. If you draw a circle which represents all possible knowledge there is to know in the world, We can subdivide this circle into 3 primary sectors. First sector is your own knowledge at any given time in life which is likely to be less than 5% of this circle. Second sector is what you know exists but you do not know about it, which could be less than 10% and the third sector is 85%  which is knowledge which exists which you are yet to discover that it exists. With a less than 5% of the total universal  knowledge, being arrogant and egoistic about what you know looks quite silly.


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