Citizen’s Contribution..

A responsible citizen of any country skills himself  to get  a job,  works to contribute and lest say he earns Rs 100000 in clean white money and happily contributes 33000 in taxes to his country’s government. He then spends the 66000 which he has got on himself and pays further taxes on it for Rs 6000.  He has for himself spent 60000 and contributed 40000 to the country. The 40000 goes to maintain the country’s defences, police forces, power, infrastructure, street lights, garbage collection, subsidized education, health for the poor etc. He is happy, satisfied and sleeps with no guilt  to enjoy a contented life. This is what supposed to happen with very citizen in every country. He is a the most humane person and an active social contributor in any country.

Law abiding world citizen..

We the citizens of planet earth have created a huge number of laws on everything for good reasons. To be a law-abiding world citizen, we need to know, understand and comply with  all these laws. Some are written and some are unwritten. They exist in a family, neighbourhood, school, college, work place, roads, restaurants, theatres, sports stadiums, buildings, parking lots, stations, organizations, societies, tribes, state, country, regional, world. They also exist for religions, labour, environment, religion,children, senior citizens, men, women etc etc. The number of rules and regulations is exponentially increasing. Is it not high time, that the world comes together to create a compact  set of  universal laws which are valid all over the world, to make ot easy to assimilate and follow else a human being  will need his life time to undertsand  all these and by the time he is fully ready to comply, he is almost ready to leave planet earth.


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