Ironies of Law…

A Law usually comes up based on a bad experience in a society. To curb the 20% of people who tend to break laws for personal greed and gain, we create a law which covers the balance 80%. The  80% need to suffer the law to keep the 20% in check. Still there is a smaller % who still break the law. They depend on the lawyers to defend them. A lawyer has been controlled by the concept that anyone accused is innocent till proven guilty. There are now 2 lawyers fighting the case depending on their abilities and not on the case. One of them knows that his client is guilty but he tries to find loopholes in the law to free him. He can use white lies, installed proofs etc to fight his case. He cannot be tried for being illegal. No wonder we have still high volume of current cases in India which needs an estimated  300+ years to resolve.


Pending inquiry, Who is right…

In a democratic setup, it is common to suspend a person of his power/position pending inquiry. This is a mechanism for the accused to prove his innocence and the accuser to prove his accusations. If the accused is really guilty, this can be termed as a good method else this can be used as a mechanism to frame an innocent. Its tricky and there is a need for a better system in future. Similarly, in democracy, a criminal majority can get away with a decision simply because they have a majority. It is critical that not only there is a majority of similar ideals in a group but also a majority who firmly belive in ethics. A Lawyer can twist the law to free a criminal due to his ability to do so and not because of his ethics.

Politicians, Lawyers, Police, Teachers…

A Country should have its best people working as politicians, lawyers, police(defence) force and teachers. Their roles are so critical for the short and  long term health of a country. A Politician’s positive move can have an impact on millions of people. A Lawyer can ensure that the right laws are made and maintained. A Police/Defence force ensures that people follow the laws for the benefit of everyone else and All Teachers combined can make or break a whole new generation of a country. The most educated and capable people should be selected for these posts, paid the highest and respected the most among all vocations in a country.



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