Learning as a habit…

One of the traits of successful people is their habit of learning life long. Leaning continuously helps you un learn past prejudices and leads you to closer to reality on a subject. As one knows only what wants to know, it creates a barrier for further learning. One can learn from thinking out of the box, questioning your own past learning’s, and also from anyone and everyone around you. One can even learn from people you don’t seem to vibe with. A good learner sheds his ego, starts with an innocent mind and proceeds to analyse then consolidate what he has experienced. Active Learning is a worthwhile habit for all to lead a happy life.

Learning is a life Skill….

The single most critical skill in life is the ability to learn on your own. This needs curiosity, a close to zero ego, openness to change, a researching capability, an analytical brain, a good memory and a calm composure to assimilate what you have learned. Most people have great difficulty to unlearn what they know. It makes them feel stupid that they have to change their view and this becomes a major hinderance to explore and excel further in their life.


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