Developing an ego to improve..

Learning in one’s life can be an enjoyable journey and has to be a continuous process. A Learning goal must lead to more happiness which comes through gaining sufficient knowledge, an ability to execute and enjoying a task which one is performing. Our ego can play either a positive or a negative role in this learning process. A high ego about oneself can lead to obstructing the process of one’s learning. A balanced ego helps in being open and receptive to learn and a low ego can create a positive stress in improving our-self. Many times, our ego clouds our judgement when there is an opportunity comes by to learn. One becomes so focused on defending and protecting our own ego that the opportunity to learn and improve is lost. One can learn from anyone at any time if one wishes to sit one does not focus or judge the source, but try and focus on what can be learned from any situation.

My Dad’s Observations #10

While India rightfully achieved the right to freedom in 1947, we  missed out on learning some of the good practices of the British administration. Punctuality, discipline, dressing well, efficient administration, etiquette, respect for hard work, value for good work done, practice of democracy etc etc. Good habits for good reasons should be learnt from anyone including from whom you consider as your enemy.

Learning from Criticisms…

One comes across criticisms all our life. Usually starts at home from your dear ones who wish that. you realize your faults and improve. Then from friends with good intentions or friends who do for fun. It can also come from your teachers, customers, colleagues, well wishes. Jealous people also do so to feel better. You can focus on the person or the matter. If you focus on the person, you loose the opportunity to improve. If you focus on the matter, you can see this as a learning. If you analyse the matter, you can decide if its valid or not and accordingly start to make small changes in your life for your own good. Positive minded people find ways to learn from criticisms and become a more positive person.

Innocence, Learning, Doing, Sharing, Letting go…

Knowledge seems to fill up the space of innocence in you, learning something new fills you with a sense of joy, doing is an act of using what you have learnt and that gives immense satisfaction, sharing what you have learnt to do gives you happiness and finally letting go of this cycle allows you to come back to innocence to start a new cycle. Knowledge which is not used in this way is unneccessary baggage you carry and usually only inflates your ego.


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